Game Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

Game Real Boxing 2 ROCKY
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Genre RPG, Sports
Size 459M
Latest Version 1.12.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 20, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Boxing is currently one of the most famous fighting sports in the world, with simple rules and always gives the audience various excitement. To the point, that audience can feel precise punches, powerful, beautiful, and even the knock-out of their favorite fighters. The feelings that boxing gives viewers are distinctive and difficult to perceive from other disciplines. So do you want to become a fighter and become a champion on a boxing ring? If so, then go to Real Boxing 2, where you will have to experience countless fierce and thrilling boxing battles, as well as experience becoming a puncher.

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Real Boxing 2 is an arcade simulation game of the famous boxing game, so it needs the most flexible control mechanism for players to experience like a real fighter. If you’ve ever seen boxing fights in up close, then you will probably understand how stressful the fighters are. In the arena, they must be highly focused, have great reflexes, as well as have a lot of combat experience to be able to win against their opponents. All those elements will be brought into this game, in the most honest way possible. Players only need to perform simple movements to be able to control their characters but to win a match will also require technique and observation. During combat, players can block and dodge in designated directions, as well as perform powerful boxing combos by combining buttons at the same pace. Not only using buttons, but players can also swipe or tap to launch attacks.

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Boxing is a famous sport and has become popular in many other countries around the world. As a result, players can customize their fighters, with different styles and traits of various regions such as Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. Each puncher has its characteristics in appearance, but skills and techniques must be self-developed by the player. While enjoying the game, players will also have the opportunity to fight with other players, with new styles, even specially customized.


There is a simple rule in boxing that is not allowed to punch down the lower body, as well as using special body parts to make weapons such as elbows or legs. However, the punching technique can be developed endlessly, and players can build their own through the experience of matches. Players can coordinate attacks together, or use swipe to perform swing attack or uppercut. Not only that, but players can also perform jab or mock with just the coordination with control. In the future, players will also have to train boxers, such as increased punching power, flexibility, dodge, and even resistance to damage. The more stats you upgrade, the stronger the boxer will be and can go further in the boxer career.

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If only the techniques diversity, flexible controls, and realistic graphics, “Real Boxing 2” will not go very far to this day. Because of that, it introduces an equipment system, where the player can customize the boxer’s equipment, as well as change other equipment to increase power. The main weapon of the game is boxing gloves, but they will come with different shapes and abilities. It even has many special effects to improve the player’s combat experience. Besides boxing gloves, there is also boxing pant, which can increase the movement speed and flexibility of the boxer. The game will also introduce a diverse custom system, allowing players to design gloves and pants with their styles.


In the career of a boxer, they will have to participate in the world tournaments to become famous and be able to fight with stronger boxers. And, the game will introduce exciting events and activities, with hundreds of different rewards for players. What is even more special is that the boxers in this game are all real players, with outstanding skills and can give players some real lessons on the arena. Because of that, it’s a good opportunity for players to acquire new fighting techniques, as well as practice reflexes to dodge or block from dangerous attacks. The tournament is also divided into various types, from which there are diverse rewards and opponents for players to experience and entertain.

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Real Boxing 2 will use the most realistic 3D graphics with many eye-catching boxing effects to give players an authentic experience of boxing. The game also has many things for players to explore in the gameplay and features, even bringing endless fun. If you are a boxing lover to the heart, this game is a must-try in your free time.


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