Game Real Gangster Crime

Game Real Gangster Crime
Publisher Naxeex Studio
Genre Simulation
Size 100M
Latest Version 5.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
OS Games Android

Real Gangster Crime a super engaging car thief simulator game on your mobile. In this game, you will play as a real gangster, and life around you is always lurking with danger and death. You want to survive in the game that requires you to kill and rob the loot to complete the assigned mission. This game leads you to a new horizon as New Vegas is full of gangsters, police, and special forces. It would help if you did not have mercy on those standing on this road because you have no choice.

Another is to destroy them, so you open quests and mysteries on the map. This is a real-life simulator game suitable for everyone who loves adventure and challenge. A world without peace and security doesn’t exist in this game, and crime is indispensable. It’s the rules of the game. Let’s open up a world full of dangers but no less fascinating, in which their respective glory will accompany harsh laws. If you’re ready to be a real gangster killer – download this right away and start fighting.


At the beginning of the game, the game world opens up to you as a modern, spacious city with skyscrapers, shops, supermarkets, and very stylish and beautiful roads. That gives players a feeling of excitement and vigilance, where such a beautiful city you have to deal with everything, crime, the police are always something you must destroy to step into success. If you want to be the dominant person, you have to go on a long and challenging road. It is challenging in the gangster world to rise to the top, and few people reach that peak. The luxury and modern city is on a large map built by game developers in a very detailed and sharp 3D model. This extreme graphics part is no longer debatable when players are immersed in Real Gangster Crime. It will create a sense of sincerity and joy when spoiled for destruction.


Real Gangster Crime will help you experience the life of a gangster brother. Through the missions of killing people, shooting, opposing the police, kidnapping, extortion, and countless other actions of a real gangster… to build a dead base in this underworld. In this game world, you are a real sibling that can do everything you like, this world is yours, and you have the right to rob a car, shoot a gun, hit a car, dodge. And the police always after you, destroy them all! And you make money by being a gangster. Do you want to be a tycoon in the city, with great power and economy through the mission as mentioned above jobs? It’s worth a wish.


What excites you in addition to the beautiful, sharp graphics, Real Gangster Crime equips you with the most innovative combat weapons of all time, helping you increase your combat ability and easily win every payment or robbery and escapes out of sight of troubled cops. You can walk, jog or rob any big car running on the road. The game has a considerable amount of supercars. City cars will usually be sports cars, well-designed and eye-catching cars, and only expensive ones. Or if you want to ride a motorcycle, go to our shop. You will find large motorcycles that are easy to ride in the store, and you can also buy one for yourself and own tanks if you like military-style. And helicopters are also a popular vehicle in the game.

This city is yours to do anything you want. And want to have powerful weapons, having a lot of money is the first thing to do many tasks to purchase equipment freely. In the weapon shop, there are many choices for you. Here is all you need, and there are things beyond your imagination, for example, knives, stones, sticks, and other heavy weapons, guns, and ammunition. You will equip unlimitedly advanced weapons. Nothing or anyone can stop you. Those weapons will help you on your way to conquer the world away from your gang.


In addition to weapons, the character’s appearance in your game can also change according to your wishes. Every gangster always has his own style, and personal items stores welcome any type of personality. In our clothing store you will find all kinds of hats such as brim hats to non-home baseball caps and animal masks or gas masks, UV glasses, or you like with cute and funny, there are cute and strange clothes for you, or if you are a fashionista, stylish shoes, floral shirts design all kinds of designs for you to choose. There is much more for you to explore in this new gangster chemistry game. Generally, Real Gangster Crime is a game that is an excellent hint for your boring idle time, and you will immerse yourself in wandering around the city street to show your hooliganism and gangster habit in an exciting and relaxing way.


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