Game RebirthM
Publisher Caret Games
Genre RPG
Size 25M
Latest Version 1.00.0121
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Update October 4, 2019 (1 year ago)

Over 10 years ago, all that we can imagine coming in the mobile gaming world simply Snake. But the passing time brings us many changes in the world and technology. Nowadays, players can enjoy a mobile role-playing game like what has been around for years on the PC platform. Not only that, publishers are making progress to releasing two versions on two different platforms. They bring different features to attract players according to different goals. RebirthM was commented by some bloggers as the most epic MMORPG on mobile.

Best MMORPG on mobile

We’ve had some information on it over the last several months as the community repeatedly mentioned the game money on the forum. Only with the screenshots along with the trailer of the publisher’s release, the heroic images that make the player feel ennobled. Caret Games did a great job of designing and producing it with profound graphics and story technology. We can comment that their product looks better than most console and PC games in 2008.

RebirthM is set in the context of a familiar open world in the MMORPG. We will see many beautiful things from this place. Players can see it covered by magic and mysterious creatures. Humans will become knights with power, along with dragons, giant spiders, tigers, and many other creatures.

Great 3D graphics

RebirthM’s story is like an epic as it takes you to all four corners of the game’s fantasy universe. In the space of the game, you can freely venture to collect pets, Powerful equipment or items anywhere. Elite Dungeon Challenges is the place to challenge the best players to come and exploit items and gold. In addition, there will always be an attractive pvp mode to challenge yourself with the same level players. If you want, you can also join the endless PK battles to challenge yourself in the most significant player battles.

Sum up

In addition, if you want to coordinate with other players to increase your combat ability should join a guild. There will be teammates who will help you in your quest or fight with the enemy. Bosses with too much power and stamina also need many people to cooperate to defeat. Participation in the guild will bring many benefits and allow you to communicate with many good players through the community system.

The English version will be available in the near future