Game Resident Evil 2 (RE2 Remake)

Game Resident Evil 2 (RE2 Remake)
Publisher CAPCOM
Genre Action, Survival
Size 575MB
Latest Version 2.0
Update August 4, 2019 (2 years ago)

Resident Evil has been one of the world’s most famous action game brands since its launch. Through so many ups and downs, it still retains its position on many different gaming platforms. You can play it on PlayStation, DS, PC, … and now, it can be played on mobile devices. Resident Evil 2 Remake is expected to be released in 2019 with lots of unique features added to make it more attractive. The investment in graphics, plot upgrades and rearrangement of obstacles and challenges will surely surprise. It’s like letting players experience what they seem to be familiar with, but it turns out entirely new.

On January 25, 2019, it will officially release Capcom this time with entirely new improvements for their brainchild. This is a series of survival games with horror designs, attracting the attention and interest of many gamers around the world. A policeman named Leon had to fight the demons in Racoon City. Here, their primary purpose is not to kill all zombies to save the world, all have been destroyed. Their ultimate goal is to escape from that hell and survive.

Certainly, with the above information, everyone understands most of its gameplay is not changed compared to its brothers. It has been released on operating systems such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Window and receives a lot of good feedback from players. Therefore, recently there is information that it will be released on mobile. The evidence is clear that a gameplay demo video is released and besides it uses Unreal Engine 4 technology as a graphics platform. This has sparked a wave of support from gamers from all regions.

The first thing to change is the perspective of the game when controlling your character. In RE2, you will be able to use tank controls and fixed camera angles, but for RE2 Remake it will be the third, “over-the-shoulder” view. This kind of shot construction seems to be a mix with RE4, however, it is actually a favorite type of game market today, so this game has to follow the trend of the times.

When entering the game, the player immediately has to choose the person he wants to control, because with two different characters being rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, or the college student Claire Redfield, the story will have the story. Small change accordingly. The game modes do not change so big when players have to rescue themselves and innocent people who survive the disaster. At normal difficulty, the player can save as many people as possible, in safe rooms, unlike the original. But in “Hardcore” things still, happen in the same way as the limit of the ‘typewriter ribbons’ to save their progress.


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