Game Ridiculous Rugby

Game Ridiculous Rugby
Publisher Stinger Games
Genre Arcade
Size 100MB
Latest Version Coming soon
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OS Android Games

Sports is always secondary It appeals to humans both in the real world as well as in the gaming world. Sports are varied, such as physical sports or electronic sports. In real life, when we talk about sports, we have football, and when reminders of sports games, we have FIFA or LOL. Whatever kind has a particular addiction. All require coordination among the team members to be able to win the match. Here, I will share with you a game on the phone related to sports, and I assure you that it will be interesting – game “Ridiculous Rugby.”

Inspired by Super Dodge Ball (NES)

First, about game information, this game has not been published, so you have to wait a while. The game is designed in 3 D style but on an 8-bit platform. Because this game will not be too heavy or require configuration and operating system too high so you can any machine can install and rarely interrupted when playing. Besides, this game is a free game, only $ 2.99; then you can download it to your computer and games are all versions for the phone and iPad.

The second game, as you know, Rugby is a type of sport that requires you to work with your teammates in a battle to win the match. Therefore, players need to have skills from the controller while passing the ball and scoring. In addition, there are some rules that are in place for players to play this game. You can not pass the ball to the front of your teammates like football, but you can pass the ball to the next or the next.

Many different rules

This rule requires players to have the skill to control and focus attention on the team to be able to pass the most accurate. But the law also affects the strategy of playing the game is that you can kick the ball ahead. This is quite bold when the ball is up (but can not pass the ball to the team), in some cases the ball will be robbed by the enemy so be careful in calculating how to pass the ball as well as football to ensure that the ball is in the hands of his team.

Simple controls

In addition, there is a clear control panel that allows you to control the character more easily, such as a button for kicking the ball, having the player switch or passing the ball and jumping. Although there are many clear controls, but while playing, it can cause confusion between the nodes so that even though the rules seem relatively understandable, it also requires the player to be very tactful to be able to keep the ball continuous. In addition, each character has its own stats, so be careful who can be the target for the team.

By this article, if you like the game, try to wait, I believe that in a short time this exciting game will be released to the public. It will make you feel good soon. See you in another article.


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