Game Rise: Shooter Arena

Game Rise: Shooter Arena
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre Action
Size 121M
Latest Version 1.5.6
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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Update July 1, 2020 (9 months ago)

Fierce battles, spectacular action scenes are what players will experience when coming to FPS games. This genre is not a new genre on the market; it has been on the market since the 1980s with the game Battlezone. There are a lot of titles released, and thanks to the development of technology, they have become a lot better. On the PC, players can experience a lot of games, and many of them have become monuments such as Half-Life. But on a new platform like the mobile platform, players still do not have high-quality games for entertainment.

Fire at will!!

Today I will give all the fans of the FPS genre on the mobile platform good news; there is a newly released FPS game on the mobile platform. The game I’m talking about is Rise: Shooter Arena, a game produced by Fun Games For Free. This is a studio that has released many famous titles, and among them, we have titles such as Sniper 3D Assassin. This game will give players a lot of great things that will surely make players feel satisfied when playing the game.


The gameplay of this game does not have too many differences when compared to other FPS games on the market today. Players will still have the familiar task of destroying their opponents to win. That is the main task that the player needs to perform during the game, but that is not the ultimate goal of the player. Players will have to destroy opponents many times to be able to accumulate the player’s points bar, the team that collects full of points first will be the winning team.

Each time the player kills an opponent, the player receives some points, the more times he kills, the more points the player receives. But if a player dies, there’s no need to worry about being eliminated from the game. People will be revived after each death, and that only takes a certain amount of time. But the only thing that players need to keep in mind is that every time the player dies, the enemy team gets points, and they get points.


Diverse Guns

Players will be provided with a variety of different guns to use for many different fighting styles. If the player is someone who likes to kill enemies from afar, then they can use the sniper gun line to do that. But it also has a lot of disadvantages when using this gun, that players do not have the flexibility to attack and reload speed is also much longer. But if the player wants maneuverability and fast attack speed, the player can use the assault rifle line. Depending on the player’s tactics, players can use weapons that match their tactics to get the best results when fighting.

Diverse Characters

In this game, the player will be able to choose between many different characters, and there will be up to 5 different characters for the player to select. Each character will have its characteristics for the player to select and will also have its unique weapons.

MOD Info?
  • Unlimited Ammo,
  • No Reload
How to Install?
  1. Dowload files .apks from webstie
  2. Download Split APKs Installer (SAI)
  3. Open SAI go to settings and activate signe before Install (for non ROOT)
  4. Install APK and choose both files and Click install
  5. Enjoy
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