Game Rolling Sky 2

Game Rolling Sky 2
Publisher Cheetah Games
Genre Arcade
Size 200MB
Latest Version Coming soon
Update March 11, 2019 (2 years ago)

Rolling Sky injured the brand has resonated for itself thanks to the exciting gameplay and the publisher’s worthwhile investments. Players will enjoy an arcade game where music blends with fast actions. Part 2 of the game is the perfect continuation for part 1. Its graphics have significant changes. When its landscape is changed and redesigned, it makes it much more poetic.

Part 1 is just a simple story of an arcade game when the player has to control a red ball and move continuously along a path. This second part has made significant progress when it is integrated into stories and becomes much more attractive. Players will have to learn and immerse themselves in the profound story it offers.

Hold and drag little prince in touching dream journeys !

Besides, this product is the latest child of Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. If you notice a little, you can immediately discover that it is the publisher of the famous Piano Titles game. Because of this, the Music element is valued in the game. Players will enjoy a lot of music from vibrant to harmonious depending on the distance and challenges you are overcome.


When entering the game, players will immediately experience a vibrant arcade game. First, its pace will not be too high for players to gradually get used to. But the later the challenge will become more and more difficult, and players will have to control their characters as well as possible.

The player will hold the screen to capture the character’s control and then drag to navigate. Our prince will have to move to the side to avoid obstacles on the road. With such a simple way, you can quickly get used to it but does not mean that everything will be as simple as using Victory because challenges in the game will be tough to bring you to different lands. For example, a stone path leads directly to the sky; a Wooden Bridge goes through the ancient city or is a chess board. Later on, these challenges are more difficult when the path you move will be smaller. Besides, it is also uneven, and obstacles will appear with dense frequency. There will be epic levels, where you will be taken to a particular stage. If winning, it will win a lot of money. In parallel, during the battle, there will be Power Ups so that the player can get more prominent points and travel longer distances.

Graphics & music

The graphics of Rolling Sky 2 game are beautiful, all you see on the phone screen is polished by the publisher team little by little. The movement of the character is smooth, the background changes with the melody, even the space changes with each level. And of course, what makes the name of the Rolling Sky game series is music. It seems you will be involved in a music movie rather than a game. Listen to the sweet melodies and soak up the beautiful space of the game, you will relax.


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