Game Romancing Saga 3

Game Romancing Saga 3
Genre RPG
Size 600MB
Latest Version 1.0
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Update November 13, 2019 (1 year ago)

Perhaps all the experienced players were no stranger to the popular 90s of the previous century SaGa series game. Many players around the world know that the game was a legend of the last century. Right at the time of the game’s release in late 1989, just for a couple of days, and the game has attracted many players around the world. This game has become a legend in the world game market that, until now, is still the same, every time it comes to this game, there will be many people for the game with many compliments. So do you want to relive childhood memories?

Most recently, the publisher of this legendary game, Square Enix, has just launched the world market for the Romancing Saga 3 game for mobile platforms. This news has sparked a wave in the gaming community of the world. This game has become the main focus of all the games released in November, the first day of launch; the game has garnered a lot of praise from gamers. This is the 6th installment of the Saga series, which promises to bring players familiar gameplay but also a lot of novelty.


Every 300 years, the earth will suffer destruction because the Rise of Morastrum, every 300 hash, Morastrum will wake up once and destroy all humans on Earth. Those who were born in the 300th year will have to suffer the destruction. But not all people will die under this destruction of this Earth. There will be a human child who will not be killed, and that child will shoulder the burden of all humanity on his shoulders. The child was born with special powers and is responsible for stopping Morastrum once and for all to protect humankind. But then the baby will die, and once again, the earth will perish, but yet another will be born to carry on this responsibility. This time it is the Matriarch, who was born with divine power and is responsible for protecting humanity. Will this time be successful or not? Or will humans have to wait another 300 years?


At the beginning of the game, the player will choose one of the eight main characters of the game, each character will have a different trait and the chosen one will become the head of the team. This will be the most critical character of the whole team, so the main character will be behind the team and protected by the teammates. There is a special feature in the game that the characters will not increase the level to be stronger. The character’s stats will be increased according to their level of contribution in the battle. In the game, there will be two most important things that are the HP and LP of the characters; if the player can calculate well the number of HP and LP of the characters, it will be very easy to win.

In this game, the LP will play a much more important role than HP. This is also the difference of this game when the character’s HP becomes 0, but the character will not die completely; they only can not participate directly in the match. They will still play a supporting role in terms of skills so that players can use their skills in battle. But if the LP points to 0, that character will be officially eliminated from the battle immediately. The fighting mechanism of the game is kept dead turn-based, compared to previous versions so that players can quickly get used to it.


Players can join the game with their friends when playing Network mode. When participating with his friends, players will be able to share the exciting experience of playing games with his friends. Players will get the help of their friends when playing the game to be able to overcome the challenges presented by the game easily.


The creative team of Romancing Saga 3 decided to keep the Pixel graphics style together with the extremely familiar 2D graphics format. This is the graphic style of the titles of the century as the first part of this game. The effect of the game is made in the Pixel style to be unity with the game, and this also increases the attractiveness of the game to players around the world. Romancing Saga 3 will bring players back to memories the player had been experienced as a child. Bring players the adventure, fighting against evil monsters to protect the earth.


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