Game RPG Asdivine Kamura (Paid + Super Save)

Game RPG Asdivine Kamura (Paid + Super Save)
Publisher KEMCO
Genre RPG
Size 81M
Latest Version 1.1.2g
Get it On Google Play
Update April 5, 2020 (11 months ago)

KEMCO has been famous in the game making market thanks to many popular products in the genre. Fantasy role-playing, adventure, and puzzle. On this point, players can freely choose the best products from this publisher, satisfying all of their needs at all times.

This summer, KEMCO promises to launch an RPG product that gives players a fascinating experience of the Japanese mythological world. This theme has not been exploited too much in the gaming market so that you can enjoy new gameplay with the best backstory. However, all the content in the game is another creator’s creation, not wholly myth. The mix of ancient nuances and the modern storytelling of the game brings a much-received RPG Asdivine Kamura. At present, the game has not been officially released anywhere, so you can only register first. Players can quickly get links on Google Play or wait for our latest information on this site.

The story

Asdivine Kamura RPG, tells of the journey of a Japanese mythological god who has the title of The Spirit Deity, Shiki. He is on a quest to find powerful artifacts scattered throughout the world to reconstruct everything after the most intense battle with a transcendent being named Zaddes. He makes friends with quiet and freewheeling female companions. This team will have results like this, will challenges be going on with them, and these people can bring their world to the previous state. The only Deity understands the outcome, and it is always the secret of creation. You can only hit the road and fight.


Its quite simple as the player will play the role of the divine character and control an army. “RPG Asdivine Kamura” gives players a fierce 3×3 grid table and offers characters in it. With the role of role-playing, the game will require players to build characters with the power of gradual promotion and freedom in character customization. Besides, players must relate a lot about tactics to arrange their roles accordingly. Each formation and placement of characters on the battlefield will bring different effects. The characters all have a modifying element, so you have to be careful before deciding on anything.

Harbingers is a particular form that your character can achieve when fighting for a long time. With instant power boost, players will receive full support to gain an overwhelming position compared to their opponents. This power is only valid for a short period so players must calculate so that when the threshold is reached, all damage to the enemy must be released. Taking advantage of it will surely have many benefits in battle. Besides upgrading the companions constantly to ensure the effectiveness in action, the weapons you use must also receive proper attention. They will give you new choices of power, surprise your opponent and transform the play of an entire team.

Important! (Credit Damien Alexander – Sbenny)

– Use a virtual space to pass a license check (eg Parallel Space)

Super Save Features? (Credit Damien Alexander – Sbenny)

– Start with max Gold {99,999,999}
– Start with max Premium Currency {99,999}
– All Premium Items Bought
– Have All Ultra Rare Weapons
* Apolar Card
* Enma Card
* Hammer Scoop
* Lute Scoop
* Life Katana
* Divine Sword
* Eclipse Shuriken
* Fuma Shuriken
– Have All Ultra Rare Accessories
* Festive Zack Magatama
* Festive Stella Magatama
* Critical Stone +50
* Hermit Stone

Asdivine Kamura Super Save Instructions!

1. Download both APK & Super Save & Run the game once until title screen.
2. Exit game
3. Open your file manager and copy all the files in the “files” folder to “Android/data/kemco.execreate.asdivinekamura/files” and overwrite all the “save” files in there.
4. Run the game, select “Load Game” and choose to save file 1.
5. Enjoy

If you already have a save file this will overwrite yours. Please make a backup if needed.


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