Game RPG Liege Dragon

Game RPG Liege Dragon
Publisher KEMCO
Genre RPG
Size 75M
Latest Version 1.1.5g
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Update September 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

JRPG is a prevalent game genre even in the past, and at present, this is still a popular game series. If you divide the kind of RPG according to the world map, there are only two types, that is, the RPG is the game produced in Japan and the RPG of the rest. So why must it be divided into such categories for the same game genre? That is because the games produced in Japan have their characteristics for players to experience. Exciting stories, familiar fighting styles, and many other factors have come together to form a JRPG game. If the player is a fan of this genre, there is a game that players can not ignore, it is RPG Liege Dragon – a new game released. This game is a game with the color of the JRPG series for players to experience. The game will bring players exciting experiences so that players can enjoy the best of the RPG series.

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RPG against the evil dragon!

In the Blaze Kingdom, when people’s lives are very peaceful and happy, they suddenly have to receive sad news. It was their precious king who perished, and the throne is now inherited by his young daughter to run the country. This event made many people feel sorry for the wise king who had to leave forever. But that was not the only unfortunate event that happened to this kingdom; Evil Dragon escaped from captivity to spread fear in the world. The Evil Dragon is a dragon that was sealed long ago, but when the king died, it was also revived to fulfill its ambition.

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Its power is too high, and no human can fight against him and his minions. But human hope has not disappeared, a small ray of hope has just appeared to rescue this land. It is from a person named Lad, and this is the character that the player plays the role of experiencing the game. Players appear on a mountain of the kingdom; you do not have any memories of the past. This is when the player’s journey officially begins to rescue this place.

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The graphic style of the past

Today, game makers have tried to race to release games with authentic and detailed 3D graphics format to attract players. Thanks to technology, more and more new games are coming out for players to experience. The common point of them is that the graphics are too similar; they follow a familiar path for players to experience. Players always want something new and different to be able to experience. This game is what brings the difference for players to experience the Pixel graphics style. This is the style of design often seen in the old-fashioned JRPG titles as early games of the “Final Fantasy” series. This style is a different style from the games that players often see at present, so the game will bring many new things for players to experience. Players will see new things right in a style that looks very outdated for a long time.

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Fight with the enemy

When the player comes to the game, the player is tasked to make his journey to rescue this kingdom. But no mission is easy to complete at all, especially when Lad is suffering from amnesia. On its way, the player will have to confront a lot of monsters to be able to win. They will find ways to attack and destroy the player, so the player needs to become strong to confront them. When the player encounters an enemy, the screen will switch to battle mode to start the battle.

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Players will battle them in a turn-based style, something that players often see in JRPG games, so it is not too difficult to get used to. The characters and monsters in the game will automatically attack each other until the winner is found. Players just need to observe and use the skill only.

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Learn the power of magic

The monsters become stronger, so the player needs to become stronger to be the winner. In the game, to become stronger, the player can use magic crystals to learn new skills. They will be of great help in a player’s battle to bring the player to victory. There are many different skills that players can choose to learn and use. But first, the player needs to own the crystal to be able to observe it. To find the gems, the player needs to complete the mission and kill the boss.


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