Game RPG Ruinverse
Publisher KEMCO
Genre RPG
Size 120M
Latest Version 1.1.2g
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update June 22, 2020 (9 months ago)

The adventure will never end for the true enthusiast. Ruinverse RPG is a whole new adventure of young heroes in the mythical world. This context is too familiar to many players around the world. As long as you mention legendary characters like Dwarf, Elf, and many other magical creatures, people will quickly imagine the context. The mystery always appears in this magical world. So you can become a member of an expedition to satisfy your passion.

RPG Ruinverse is a brand new game released by the famous game maker KEMCO. Therefore, you can be assured of the variety of content, as well as the attractiveness of the gameplay. In addition, its graphics also bring a unique feeling, making you think of old games released on familiar handheld game consoles.

The story with the details evokes an adventure without end

It is really like that when opening the game gives you a magical world of magic. This is the place where people live in harmony with the three powerful races. Elves, Beasts, Dwarfs all have their own unique types of powers. They used special abilities to create a civilized and developed world.

Our story begins only with the arrival of the young Kit. He made a transporter with a kind heart. Because he is a human, this guy doesn’t have any special powers. However, throughout the game, you will see the tenacity as well as the great friendship that made this character great. He had a friend named Allie with a strange power existing in her body. This girl shares her body with Alvyn. Allie is known as a powerful hunter who uses a blade, capable of killing demons; Alvyn hides a tremendous amount of magical power but is quite weak when it comes to fighting with physical strength.

Lexor is an Elf with the ability to use magic to restore health to others. He also has a very thorough knowledge of medicine and medicine. Toto belongs to the Beast race in the form of a wolf, has a passion for legends. The warrioress, Nana is a strong dwarf woman. These five people will embark on an extremely exciting adventure to travel the world, discover mysteries, complete quests and train themselves as adults.

RPG gameplay familiar but still worthwhile to learn

Players will be the driver of these 5 characters. Although you have to control 5 people at the same time, the mechanism is quite simple. You just need to click the screen and all these people will automatically go to the destination. The special thing in this game is that the map is separated into two separate parts. As you move, it is a 2D Pixel world with a top view. This view will allow you to see the whole picture and choose your opponent more easily. However, once you’ve started the battle, it will switch you to a horizontal 2D screen. Players will use the power of characters to fight with their opponents.

The way the characters fight for you

As introduced before, the characters in the game have their own unique power. The first thing you need to pay attention to is what their ability will be able to do in a battle. Kit and Nana are undoubtedly the ones who are capable of storming the battlefield to protect their comrades. Lexor used his magic to ensure Allie / Alvyn survived and deal as much damage as possible. With the familiar construction of the squad, players can easily overcome the toughest challenges. However, there will be stages where you need to use special powers to create mutations.

RPG Ruinverse is an RPG game so the character also develops in the traditional way. With each battle, your characters will receive EXP. As long as the character is alive and winning the match, they will get the full score. When a character’s EXP bar is full they will level up and gain an additional skill point. You will have to choose between focusing on maximizing a skill to make it incredibly powerful; or use the skill points I received to add it to the spells I have. Depending on the style and play style of each person and you can customize it accordingly.

MOD Info?

  • To get money, drop the skill tree: go to the global map and defeat random monsters click on the book icon (on the right side of the screen), then select Skill – Skill Tree upgrade any skill click on the Reset button in the lower left and confirm the reset