Game RTS Siege Up!

Game RTS Siege Up!
Genre Strategy
Size 44M
Latest Version 1.0.286
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OS Games Android

In the history of video game development, the medieval period has always been one of the ideal topics to develop action-strategy games. It was one of the greatest times of the human race when weapons were diverse; the technology was sketchy but effective, and even soldiers could easily be trained from peasants. Large-scale fronts also developed from medieval times, and many players always enjoy those games for endless time. If you are a fan of the strategy genre set in the medieval world, then maybe Siege Up! will be a suitable choice for you.


Siege Up! is an action-strategy game where your ability to command and command your army in countless battles prevails. Furthermore, the game uses a medieval setting to build the environment, terrain, architecture, weapons, and soldiers’ player-friendliness. The gameplay of the game will give players more freedom to develop strongholds, troops, research, and evolution into more advanced eras. In other words, players will have to build a stronghold while fighting to defend or expand the territory. The game also uses lovely, friendly graphics and simple colors to simulate battlefields, offensives, and even help players easily observe the entire battlefield. The gameplay of this game is considered endless, and players can play anytime, anywhere without the Internet.


The first phase of Siege Up! guides players to build a strong fortress to protect people and the kingdom. The first thing the player needs is the king’s castle, the central and most important structure of the kingdom. Next is the construction of functional architectures that help regenerate food, money, and building materials. The variety of functional architectures is a characteristic of the game, as they give vitality to the kingdom. Not only that, but players also have to build more buildings to train soldiers, produce weapons, and research technology institutes. The game has loads of functional constructions, and a few are required for the kingdom to function properly. Not only build, but players also have to upgrade them to increase performance and improve the living environment of the kingdom.


If players want to have a peaceful life and always be loved by the people, they need to build a strong army and have a solid defense. The player’s city-building scale is limited and can be expanded each time the player upgrades the castle. Moreover, the kingdom’s borders are defensive lines, where players focus on developing structures with defensive functions, such as ballista and catapult. Not only defense, but players can switch offensive with their army, even invading neighboring kingdoms. Military diversity is an element of the game, as players must research new units, organize the army, arrange the formation, and ultimately direct the entire army in the real-time. Each army unit has a unique function, and they come with simple descriptions that make it easier for players to bring into play each unit’s effectiveness.


Siege Up! is a real-time strategy game, and players will directly control the entire army while attacking and defending. Thus, the game will have a separate console, allowing players to easily defend, determine the direction, and easily control the army. What’s more, players can personalize their troops, assign each unit to a unique function, and be creative in strategy building. Like the offensive, the player can control the defensive structures in attacking enemy key points, even opening the gate so that the army can advance. Whether it is offensive or defensive, the console will make sure the player easily exerts the best effect.


Siege Up! is a strategy game that gives players a real experience in running a kingdom by using player-friendly and straightforward graphics. However, it applies the mechanics of weather and seasons, making the game feel the most authentic. What’s even more interesting is that each season will have an impact on the production of the kingdom, even the player has to deal with weather conditions while fighting. With the variety of weather and climate, the game will become more interesting, and players will have to become more creative on the battlefield.

Siege Up! can be considered one of the most realistic strategy simulation games for Android, when it applies many physics mechanisms to make the world come alive. It also demonstrates the typical medieval architecture and technology, making the player’s strategy more diverse and richer while manipulating the army and defense. If you are a lover of real-time strategy, this game will be a great experience for you.


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