Game RWBY: Amity Arena

Game RWBY: Amity Arena
Publisher NHN Entertainment Corp
Genre RPG
OS Android Games

The goalkeeper is a pretty big divide in tactics, and it includes a lot of different mechanics. But it almost has the same purpose of protecting your base. Why gamers still stand firm in the market while beside it still has many more attractive and dynamic games. The answer lies in the fact that although this game is quite passive, it can blend well with many other genres to create big battles like a fighting game.

RWBY: Amity Arena is a game that combines a player and a standard game card. If it were to be imagined, it would have seemed like fighting with Clash Royale. Thanks to the heroes and the barracks, the game becomes more flexible and more selective to fight. Not to mention it is shown through the image of a set of American anime-style should have the form of majestic and more beautiful designs. Previously, it was just a web series, so it did not have the stability of storage and maintenance.

However, recently, thanks to its powerful development and the need for stability, it has begun to invest in becoming a full-fledged mobile game. NHN Entertainment Corp takes on the role of releasing games to the world market. They have had a good history in releasing puzzle games and RPGs. Perhaps this will be the first step for them to test this type of strategy game. Hope this start will bring them success beyond expectations.

The goalkeeper is usually made with a horizontal screen game that can hold the map. However, RWBY: Amity Arena is designed with a vertical screen that divides the screen into two separate sections. You will most likely receive the map below, closest to the character controls and skills, so you can easily see the battle from the commander’s position and launch the powers at the right time. The map will be divided into two lanes with two fixed machine guns and one main base. In the middle, separating the two lanes of the river is a river and wanting to cross it over a bridge. This is the boundary between the two camps. You can only place heroes and barracks on your land, not crossing bridges. Soldiers and heroes will automatically go there to fight.

On the panel, you will be carrying four heroes in a battle. And each hero costs a certain amount of energy to summon. The energy bar automatically recovers, and the hero also has a cooldown time to wait for summoning. Besides, there are some mighty special skills, massive damage, long cooldown. Use it to troubleshoot difficult situations or finish the game quickly.


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