Game Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

Game Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars
Publisher Space Ape Games
Genre Strategy
Size 52M
Latest Version 1634.0.0.0
MOD Info Damage/Defense
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Update April 29, 2020 (11 months ago)

Japanese Samurai Period Version is one of the most exploited historical times in entertainment. You can see a lot of movies, anime and even games made of this period. Often people will think about the battles of the brave men who are not afraid of death. They are bright and clever and full of generosity. Until now, people still want to continue enjoying such works. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is about the period when the wars began to take place even when allies have doubts about each other. The chaos in the war period created an extremely complicated situation that was difficult to guess.

Battle with Ninjas & Dragons

“Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars” has an exquisitely expressive style and uses Clash of Clans-like graphics. But the fact that its gameplay is also a bit of an idea from this famous game. Therefore, it has gained a bit of position in the game market in general and in the game genre in particular. With over 5 million downloads and a massive community of about 3 million players, “Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars” really has brought some quality features. Set in the historical period of medieval Japan, the game designs beautiful characters. The costumes have the imprint of the time but are not too heavy but seem to receive a mix of modern culture.


The game will take you to the context of the war, where a lot of forces compete with each other to influence the world. You will have to choose one faction and then serve them. “Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars” will provide you with a vast land but no clear development yet. Players will have to find ways to develop this land that is prosperous with buildings. After you’ve got specific amounts of money and resources, try to summon as many characters as possible. You will be entitled to use an army of Samurai, Ninjas, and fantastic monsters of the East. Everything that has power can become part of the military. The player then uses his forces to fight other lands.

The matches are massive and significant with a lot of different army units arranged in various tactics. You won’t be able to guess what kind of army the enemy uses to attack you. And it is the enemy who cannot be sure what you are planning. So this war will have two dimensions, an attacker and a defender. The enemy’s fortress will also use a variety of defense tools, such as traps, fences, and even monsters.

In addition to battles, this world is also an open place for you to explore. It will have a lot of different landscapes, lush forests, snowy mountains, and deserts. In each area will require a different type of tactics to be compatible with the terrain. If you do not refer to the ground before leading troops to somewhere that is fighting, it may lead to a terrible defeat. Each time you lose, you will have to retrain your army, perhaps it will take some time and not receive any reward at all. So be alert and intelligent.

MOD Info?

1. MOD Menu
2. Damage Multiplier

-> x1 – x100 Slider, Increase your troops’ Damage
3. Defense Multiplier
-> x1 – x100 Slider, Increase your troops’ Defense
4. Attack Speed Multiplier
-> x1 – x100 Slider, Increase your troops’ Attack Speed
5. Deploy Anywhere
-> Can deploy troops anywhere on the Map

  • Music enabled = all the mods activated
  • Music muted = only 3x health, 3x dmg, and enemy will attack you
  • Click “progress” on cheat menu when you click on quest, watch the magic
  • Buttons on menu show during different stages, textfield is to send commands to server, do not use unless you know what the commands are!
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