Game Scythe: Digital Edition

Game Scythe: Digital Edition
Publisher Asmodee Digital
Genre Strategy
Size 345M
Latest Version 1.9.40
MOD Info Full Paid Version
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File March 11, 2021 (2 days ago)

Do you love history and want to find out about true stories that have been buried in the flow of time? Fluid ups and downs through the ages and fierce wars that make up the new world order. The publisher, Jakub Rozalski, gives the player a panoramic view of smoky Eastern Europe in the 1920s, launching an extremely compelling historical simulation game called Scythe: Digital Edition. Can you rewrite Europe’s history in your way? scythe-digital-edition When you participate in a game, you will find it like a gamble or a chess game. The important thing that you must have when playing this strategy game is the luck and ability to judge the situation well. Since you will not know how a wrong move will affect the outcome and outcome of the game.

Asymmetry – Engine Building – Strategy

You can choose to fight against the machine or against other players in real-time. And at the start of the match, you will see a map of Eastern Europe in the twenties of the twentieth century that is exceptionally true to your eyes You will be selected by the factions you want to lead, and face the other three factions. Each side occupies a predefined angle on the map and has a certain initial resource. The map is subdivided into hexagonal areas, and the player’s task is to capture these areas and establish control to gain more resources, thereby gaining more power. To control more and more lands, expand the territory, and become the last ruler on the map. scythe-digital-edition-1


In order to control the occupied territories, you can build buildings as well as recruit soldiers and workers. You can also move soldiers and workers from one area to the next. In your warehouse are full of raw materials and gold coins, however, the number of them is limited. You need to have good calculations because you are going to turn the turn, only 1 wrong country you will fail. And it is important that you activate mechs in order to prevent attacks coming from other players. scythe-digital-edition-1-1 One interesting thing about the game is that when you reach a certain area, luckily you can unlock the secret cards. It could be a card containing a conversation with local people asking for help, and you will receive a reward later, or immediately receive more bonuses in your treasury. This will significantly increase your resources and will outperform other players. But being able to draw a card does not require much luck. And until the game ends, you also will not have to eliminate your opponent completely. Take the right steps and control the whole of Eastern Europe, and you will win. scythe-digital-edition-1-1-1


The game has 2D graphics with realistic rendering. The map is described in detail as if you were looking at the whole of Europe on the plane. Many symbols are represented with different shapes and colors that make it easier for you to distinguish. scythe-digital-edition-1-1-1-1


Do you have a history? Are you sure you are a good tactician with an intelligent and sensible head? It’s time for you to return to Eastern Europe in the 1920s and lead an empire that takes over the whole area and becomes the dominant player in this great game called Scythe: Digital Edition. Download and experience today!


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