Game Secrets: Game of Choices
Publisher Jewel HK
Genre Simulation
Size 80M
Latest Version 2.0.6
MOD Info Premium Choices
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Update September 16, 2020 (6 months ago)

The game gives you exciting adventures; this market has a lot. And the type of game designed to let you go through stories and make it depend on your decisions is also prevalent. With this style of play, players will be put into different situations and have the options given below. Each choice will lead to different futures; They are exciting and worth exploring. Depending on the type of storyline, the design team will put it into different endings. If you are playing an adventure story, you can bring peace to everything and also destroy the world. Or if you participate in a love story like “Secrets: Game of Choices,” there are many different variables. Besides, the love stories have many various forms; there are stories full of romance or even scary stories related to vampires.

Choose your own adventure

When starting the game, players will have to choose their own story. Currently, the game is available in 3 different stories COLLEGE DESIRES (charming, dramatic love stories of cute girls, handsome guys and hot teachers at university). After that is SUMMER LOVE (take you to the TV show, in fact, SUMMER LOVE, here is not only love but also challenges and difficult choices) and THE HAUNTED HOTEL (Party and ghost !! ??? !!! Mysterious things and stories Interesting love will take place here). With these three stories, the publisher puts a lot of situations leading the player. In each case, the player will be given circumstances to choose. The outcome is always affected by your choice, so often a story will have many different endings.

As the main character, the player can build the image of the character himself. They can freely customize outfits, appearance, and character with role-playing gameplay, this game to bring to the exciting and thrilling adventures. Players will fall in love, fight many different enemies and immerse themselves in an unexpected adventure story. With three predefined stories, the producer quickly updated new things weekly, new stories and episodes.

It is not an MMO so players can only show it alone. But you can still invite your friends to the game and experience exciting things. Each friend you invite can help you now get some good rewards from the system. There is also a way to get the main prize for doing Daily Task. This way is much faster and more stable. In general, the game is an exciting adventure; it is worth playing for players.