Game Series: Your Story Universe
Publisher Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 63MB
Latest Version 1.0.3
MOD Info Premium Choices
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Update October 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Almost every game in the world is intended for the player to have a story that the player needs to follow in order. Like the way society imposes itself, you have to develop a framework that you sometimes don’t want. People are a diverse and highly thoughtful species, so each person acts differently, no one resembles anyone. If a person were to follow their wishes, that person would have succeeded, but some of the others had to operate under a predetermined path. How important do you want to be a character to your own society and the small world? We try our whole life to be the master of experience, we study and work also serve only one purpose: to stand up to a new level of change that society always imposes. In today’s gaming world, people love simulated gameplay whose themes are as diverse as action, battlefield, office, or farm. However, if you want to experience a variety of gameplay, if you’re going to play any story, go to the t from Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment LLC publisher.

Your choices are the star!

The world of Series: Your Story Universe includes many stories like Vanderpump Rules, Law & Order, Saving by the Bell, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Xena: Warrior Princess, … You just need to click on the story I love to explore and start an adventure, a journey in which you have the right to decide how the story of your life will turn. After being bored when you have to learn this content, you can switch to another topic. The game offers many different issues for players to enjoy the experience.


You will be really attracted to the fun adventures with your favorite characters and will be surprised to have the presence of celebrities. The game consists of diverse characters that players are unlocked when crossing many different levels. You will incarnate into a beautiful, charming girl dating rich brothers but there is an old man who always clings to this girl. The character must cleverly dodge and successfully perform dating sessions to find out for himself a Mr.Right of his life. You will join the dream dating world, enjoy the love of friends and love in The Breakfast Club. This club is very suitable for couples dating, where there is only music, wine, and dance. The two of you went under the sparkling lights, dancing together with a romantic song. The atmosphere of the party is inspiring, which encourages players to join and continue dancing. In a different setting, the character will play an explorer of new lands, …


Players can also invite more friends to the biggest dance ever. At some significant ceremonies during the year, the game often organizes big games that after you join you will receive attractive gifts equally with the theme of the game. You can also invite friends to join the game to score points at the prom or flirt with a handsome guy. Players will have a luxurious wardrobe and makeup to stand out in the dates. Try to make the guy you love notice you. In order to do that, players need to mix and match clothes and makeup to match each other. The composition of the character must also stand out at the party because there will be a lot of bright girls fighting with each other.


In addition, you can create a new character in a unique style, compare with your friend, you will most likely win first place on the rankings. In terms of graphics, the game is designed in a simulated manner, so the colors are gorgeous and realistic as the characters themselves live in that world. After dating and going to marry an aspect, the player needs to be prepared for unexpected situations in the family such as rebellion, dissent among members. On the screen, there will be different solutions for players to choose from.

The game always offers the latest updates to change the look of the story. There are also story additions that you can join to earn extra experience. Some in-game items can be purchased with money, consider before buying it. You can also collect other items to decorate your home, shop for characters such as hats, eyeglasses, clothes, shoes, etc. Occasionally users will encounter gift packages that are open for free. , open those secret chests to collect. The game is free to download, invite friends and friends to download to the smartphone to experience the fun moments after working and studying stressfully.

MOD Info?

  • I made the premium choices free so now the premium choices are unlocked by default.


  • This MOD doesn’t work on tickets! You still need to use tickets for new chapters.
  •  Outfits at the start of each book need diamonds! They are not unlocked by default!