Game Seven Guardians
Publisher Bulky Tree
Genre Strategy
Size 400M
Latest Version 1.2.75
MOD Info Card/Unlimited Mana
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Update September 7, 2020 (6 months ago)

If building an army is one of your dreams, through Seven Guardians it becomes a reality, where the main ingredient is all those strategies that are imposed, in a defense RTS starts this category of action and adventure ideal for good entertainment. These strategic challenges are going to keep you busy for a long time, with exciting adventures, as a whole guardian arises this game dynamic, where you find ample elements to have fun, is a unique development that is necessary to try so that you get hooked immediately as most.

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The elements you should know about Seven Guardians

The composition of Seven Guardians focuses on at least seven unique heroes, which can be used as the situation demands, a good use or application of them generates an important result in victories, the same happens with the battles where different modes are developed. The modes that are within this game are 9 to explore, including Sanctuary Arena, Fort Battles, Brotherhood Assaults, among others that you should know, in each of these is seeking to succeed first, thus you show everyone how good you are.

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The setting of Seven Guardians

The scenes that are part of Seven Guardians are based on the Nordic mythology, so every battle demands to have protectors, to demolish the sanctuaries, as well as to reach agreements with the gods, in addition, you can count on the preference of tanks to the point of improving it. This type of weapon serves as an aid for the hero to succeed in every battle, they are elements that add realism to each dispute, the goal is to win above all, even when collecting each of the accessories that belong to your heroes. With this kind of element, a great victory is equipped, everything is an important contribution to improve the skills, which are the main engine to win battles, all the attention ends up being invested in the realism of the battles until the hours pass without realizing.

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What’s behind Seven Guardians

All the adventure that remains in Seven Guardians is based on the virtues of the heroes, so you must invest all the effort in this objective, thus gaining an advantage to go into combat and show others your skills within this game. The simplification of these graphics to the comfort of the mobile screen is much more practical than other types of games, everything within the battle is lived at 100%, transmitting the importance that lives on each of the battles, coming to collect all the possible heroes.

With new skills you advance in the course of the game, becoming a greater challenge, using these heroes as a guardian is highlighted in each battle, with a guaranteed victory is able to demonstrate to others what you are made of.