Game Shadow Battle 2.2
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Genre RPG
Size 80MB
Latest Version 2.2.56
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 26, 2020 (6 months ago)

Everyone knows Dragon Ball manga by Toriyama Akira. Based on the images of the main characters and villains in the famous novel and the real fans of Dragon Ball, the publisher of Blackhole Studio has released a super antagonistic role-playing game called Shadow Battle. The first release of 2.1 seems to have been released immediately after the publisher came up with the idea to satisfy your hunger after the wait. Not to stop there, after the successful launch of version 2.1 with positive reviews and strong support, ideas and suggestions of the gaming community, May 6, 2018, past. The 2.2 release of Shadow Battle has been released with more complete and detailed updates. Along with that, there are significant upgrades to the character system, store items, and attacking skills. Each skill is upgraded in strength in each attack promises to bring the players the charisma cannot be ignored with this role-playing game.


With the constant growth of the dark forces of the universe in both power and race, more specifically the Shadow Drankness, our Earth is gradually being shrouded in the shadow of this power, the world’s in your hands, swept people into the war of fire smoke. So one day, our world will be taken over, and people will become slaves under the demons, and now our generals are being held captive. Only you – a commanding officer in charge of the great commander must take the lead and fight against the dark army must flounder, restoring peace to the world, return to life peacefully. For humanity, rescue the heroes imprisoned for so long!


When you participate in the game, you will own a default character, the character system of the game is quite large but you need gold money to be able to unlock them, so how to get money? We need to go fight and do missions, the game’s mission system is very much arranged with increasing difficulty, also that your opponent is so that growing stronger than the ratio of money and the item you received.

With this fun yet addictive game, the game will provide you with a variety of skills and controls, and you’ll be able to control your left and right hand directly by touching the screen of your smartphone. When do you want to use a high attack, move the target to the right and click the skill, it easy? However, the higher your skill MP, the more MP you will need to keep and spend enough time recovering MP to use the next skill. Next, you need to keep your blood dry without your opponent lying down. If you feel your opponent is too strong or you are just playing, do not worry, there is a shop system with items that help you to have stronger skills and maintain longer HP and MP.

Sum up

With crisp 3D graphics, dark tones cannot fit into the fierce war scene; you will be immersed in the virtual world, transforming your shoulders into the same hero but feeling so real. With this graphics, the ratings of the gaming community on a scale of 10 are also 8.5 out of 10. I also find it very standard, graphics are a vast part affect the mood of the players strongly, if the game is a weak graphics, lack of sharp people who “persevered” right?