Game Shadow Fight 3

Game Shadow Fight 3
Publisher NEKKI
Genre Fighting
Size 110M
Latest Version 1.24.1
MOD Info Weak/Frozen Enemy
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Update March 11, 2021 (2 days ago)

For those who are fans of fighting games, NEKKI’s Shadow Fight series has become an iconic hit on mobile. Shadow Fight 3 will bring you the most intense arena with beautiful 3d animations. Talking about the fighting genre on mobile, we can think of a lot of different names. However, for longtime gamers, they always have a good memory with Shadow Fight. This is a game that comes from a version produced to be played as a flash game on a website platform. At this point, it has had its own successes but has yet to create a style and resonance. It wasn’t until the second upgrade was released as a separate game that it was officially successful. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy) It wasn’t until a few years ago that this product was so popular that NEKKI released its third installment. Improvements in graphics, characters, and gameplay exploits; make Shadow Fight 3 a completely separate part. It does not depend on the old gameplay of part 2 but gives a whole new feeling. However, you still feel that it has some sort of intimate effect that you can immediately recognize. Indeed, NEKKI continues to succeed with part 3 of this mobile fighting game. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy)

The fighting style is completely different from old versions of

Shadow Fight 3, players will be allowed to choose a character and fight with their strength. It means that for this part, your character has characteristics already. Your mission is to continue to develop these strengths and make them able to fight harder. For any part, players will play the role of a heroic character whose mission to save the world from danger. Players are no longer the same shadow they have taken on their own shape. Shadow will be a special type of power that you can summon when needed. This fighting style retains what’s special about part 2 but applies a completely new mechanism to it. Players coming to this part also do not need to experience the previous part but can still play it separately. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy)

Diverse weapons arsenal with a lot of choices that make up the fighting style

One of the elements that make the franchise of this series is the weapon. Each character has their own characteristics of strength, but their fighting style is customized according to the weapon they use. Each weapon has a different way of utilizing its power. You can wield a large and heavy sword with attacks that do a lot of damage, can hit safely from a long distance, but strike quite slowly. You can also use sticks with max attack range but small damage. The downside is that your opponent just needs to get close enough that you will be at a disadvantage. Chains also have the advantage of long-range but contain moves that are difficult to use to the fullest extent. Generally speaking, the arsenal contains hundreds of things with powers that you can use depending on your fighting style. Choose for yourself a suitable weapon and use it many times to get familiar. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy)

How weapons work

In this arsenal system, there is a pretty special feature is the repetition of the fighting style. This means that some weapons will have the same characteristics when used in real combat. You can use staff and halberd in the same way, but with a slight difference in skill and damage, it does. You can imagine that the halberd is an upgraded staff weapon that you would have to buy at a higher price than in the store. It will immediately give you stronger stats, but harder to use. When you directly play this game, you can feel the difference in fighting style. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy) This variety makes the antagonistic nature of the game special. For those who just like to use staff, they can still use the money they earn to upgrade its stats so that it is just as strong as a halberd. This is completely possible so you can rest assured. However, the upgrade process will take time to prepare. If you still persist in using that weapon then you have to wait a bit. The higher the stat level up, the longer it will take to wait. Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy)

Other equipment also affects the way of fighting

In addition to weapons, other equipment also makes this game diverse. You can buy them armor to increase your Defense power. The fact in this game shows that you can only protect the body in armor, but not increase the general stats. You will have to buy additional helmets to protect the head. Vambraces, Cuisses are used to reduce the opponent’s damage to their arms and legs. In general, if you want to protect some parts, you have to buy equipment to protect that body part. Since these items also increase attack power, you can rest assured that there will never be a shortage of damage. These items usually have no side effects. But some special equipment has been added to the effects. For example, the bleeding effect if you hit a critical hit, the stun effect when you hit the head, the effect increases the damage after you take a critical hit, … Generally, this app will give you some benefits in combat.


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