Game Shadowgun Legends

Game Shadowgun Legends
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Genre Action
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.0.6
MOD Info Dumb bots
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Update September 16, 2020 (6 months ago)

For gamers who are familiar with the FPS game series on the phone, surely all of us have heard of the game Shadowgun Legends – a hit game from the owner of Madfinger Games. As a well-known game studio with the most advanced graphics platform ever released through the famous “Dead Trigger” or “Unkilled” titles, the game studio has a higher ambition to turn its children into a great game. Best to capture the village of FPS games in particular and the world market in general. That is why “Shadowgun” is currently the best FPS game on the mobile platform to date. Coming to this cult game, you will have the opportunity to participate in the fantasy battle that is amazing and really engaging, promising to bring a new emotion that cannot be found in the same titles of that kind. If you are new to the FPS series on your phone, Shadowgun Legends is even more worthy of a game that you cannot ignore. It can be said that if you can play this game well, there is no other game that can make it difficult for you.

Experience epic story campaigns

Going deep into this game, Shadowgun Legends will take you to a fictional setting in the future, where humanity is attacked by aliens armed with teeth to their teeth. Of course, not for them to act as a hero, you will stand up and fight fiercely to prove that humanity is the strongest. According to the announcement at “Gamescom 2016”, Madfinger Games is the only game company that wants to transfer the experience of the popular game “Destiny” to the phone. Therefore, this game will follow the “MMOFPS” style, that is, gamers who gain experience through battles to level up, accumulate skill points, or buy and sell and upgrade a variety of weapons.

Unlike standard shooting games, “Shadowgun Legends” just for you to fight at the first perspective, sounds complicated, but actually, it is this perspective that makes the game more realistic than ever. Although there will be mixed opinions, I personally think this is the style that I love just because it makes me have more exciting experiences in the top action scenes, the more blind spots many things you need to pay more attention to, are those feelings more satisfying? When asked about the classic battles of this game, I must say it is incredibly stressful.

Competitive PvP or cooperative online games!

I mean that the fighting does not stop at the level of the shooter. You may feel overwhelmed when just entering the game has just received a storm of bullets. If you do not try to find cover quickly, you should not blame why weapons accidentally. And to win, there must be weapons, of course, every FPS game, the weapons system of the humans is not medium when reaching the number of more than 700 different weapons, not only that you can also Customize each accessory with hundreds of different types of custom skins. On the other hand, powerful weapons also come with strong armour; your character will be free to customize different armour sets (unlocked ones), customize colours as well as Skins and Stickers. Besides, “Shadowgun” also appears Multiplayer mode to help you interact with other gamers with class skills. Be careful because looks and skills are two completely different categories, do not despise opponents because they are lower equipped.


This is probably my favourite point when talking about this game because the graphics in “Shadowgun” can be said to be the strongest point of the game, even it is more prominent than the gameplay. In order to take the name of a “Destiny” on the phone platform, Madfinger Games has poured all their enthusiasm, money and technology into this game, making it a high wall in front of other game companies. We can easily see the model of the object is depicted as incredibly detailed and outstanding. For users who own a well-configured smartphone, gamers can see through each element such as on the armour, machines, weapons, and surrounding scenery. At the same time, lighting effects also contribute significantly to image quality, shadow details, all creating an extraordinarily vivid and captivating fantasy battle. It can be said that the game is like a blow to those who still have prejudices about the configuration power on the phones that it cannot match with the high-graphics games on the computer. In general, the article is still specific words but not enough trust unless you actually download and experience “Shadowgun Legend.”

Outstanding features in the game

By all they have, the graphics of “Shadowgun” have now been pushed to the maximum level of excellence and arguably the most advanced in the game history of Madfinger Games. Thrilling and engaging campaigns spanning hundreds of missions across four diverse planets with real-time PvP battles, you can now invite your friends, teammates to join the fight, or fighting one another on your own in the 1vs1 solo battle. Besides, join your teammates in the hardcore battles in Raids and Arenas to fight giant bosses for glory and legendary rewards or simply try to survive in the War Games arena. Each of your actions is recorded on the Shadowgun fame system; the more famous you are, the more people will compete with you. In addition, along with the operation of more than 700 various weapons, more than 60 different suits of armour can give you the option to modify them to make the most reasonable and adequate.

If you find this game attractive, what are you waiting for without downloading “Shadowgun Legend” right away to experience it?


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