Game Shadows of Kurgansk

Game Shadows of Kurgansk
Publisher Gaijin Distribution KFT
Genre Action
Size 160M
Latest Version 1.3.61
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Points
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Update February 6, 2021 (1 month ago)

Action-adventure games often bring players to endless open worlds with loads of things to explore and experience. But somewhere among them, there are still many games with unique, attractive, and impressive gameplay to the player. One of them is Shadows of Kurgansk, an open-world adventure game where the player must survive to find a way out of an abandoned area. The game will have a series of story-driven missions, created by events appearing in the world, as well as giving players many scary things for them to explore and experience.

Shadows of Kurgansk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points)

Based on the storyline, the player will be sent to abandoned land, along with countless mysterious creatures watching from the darkness. The player’s task is simple, it is to find a way out, but also to survive, but if the player fails, it is only the beginning of everything with hundreds of mysteries hidden in the land of Kurgansk.


Shadows of Kurgansk has a gameplay of survival adventure in an open world, so that players can collect items, hunt, search, and fight. The highlight of this game is the graphics, along with the color of the scene around the player, and a well-designed world. It also gives players the feeling of death and loneliness, even with hundreds of mysterious things appearing at night. And those creatures also varied in shape and forms, making players shriek. Besides, players must collect, craft weapons, build bases, and find a way out of this barren land. Not only that, but the game will also bring players a storyline contained in a series of world missions. They will bring players everywhere, help players survive, as well as make them discover everything even though the mystery awaits.

Shadows of Kurgansk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points)


Fight, craft, search, survive, hunt, and explore, all of those actions are at the heart of this game. And players will enjoy everything in this game through the first-person perspective. Moreover, the game will have a completely new and outstanding control mechanism, giving players the smoothest and most comfortable control experience. Not only that, but the game’s console is also specially designed, with many different character gestures that consistently appear when the player wants to interact with the environment or objects. The game also allows players to personalize the interface, with many other options to adapt to their control style. The application not only focuses on gameplay development but also promises to give players many things to feel most comfortable with.

Shadows of Kurgansk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points)


Shadows of Kurgansk is an open-world action-adventure game, and it also gives players a system that includes crafting, survival, and building. Through that system, players will become more secure each day, as they can slowly progress the game, and explore everything in this game. The game will have a variety of combat mechanisms, combined with many hunting techniques, helping players optimize all the techniques and skills to survive in the Kurgansk land. Also, players can craft weapons and equipment using resources obtained from the environment, such as wood, animal skin, minerals, and more. Not only crafting, but players can also build asylums, places with a variety of concepts, and even the safest place a player can survive the next day. In this game, the player must make use of everything, such as resources, skills, and the environment, to survive.

Shadows of Kurgansk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points)


The game is developed in an open-world style, and at the same time, applies the most advanced 3D graphics to bring realistic and impressive visuals to players. The graphics of the game are high-end, but it is optimized and can adapt to many devices, even having a distinct beauty compared to other games. Players will also witness natural phenomena through the most vivid details, along with hundreds of eye-catching and beautiful effects, making the game bear much opposite beauty.


Shadows of Kurgansk is not only a casual open-world action-adventure game, but it also has a captive story for players to enjoy. Through the storyline, the player will also understand more about the origin of the world, along with countless mysteries that can be decoded as they progress. Not only that, but players can collect notes left behind by previous people, thereby creating a separate journey in a chaotic world. Even though the game is developed through the open world, players will still enjoy a story with an ending, as well as the end of all suffering in the anomalous land.

If you have a strong-minded or are passionate about weird things with endless gaming preferences, Shadows of Kurgansk may be one of the perfect games for you. Not only that, but it also gives the industry a new breeze, and most of the major elements of the video game industry are converged in this to give you new and exciting experiences.


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