Game Shooting Champion
Publisher Mediawork
Genre Simulation
Size 62MB
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info Money
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Update August 18, 2018 (3 years ago)

Did you know that every year, a great deal of steel is produced to make gun-mounting accessories? Currently, steel is recognized as one of the most popular alloys, so today’s materials companies are working hard to meet today’s consumer demand. So let me ask you a question? Are you a shooter or a shooting sport? If so, you would know Jin Jong Oh, one of the gunners known to be an Olympic champion – one of the leading gunners in the world today. And recently, the publisher of Mediawork released a publication called Shooting Champion. A publication that brightens the name, career of the publisher!

Get involved and compete for Olympic gold medal

It is not new, every year the Olympic shootings are taking place in countries that attract a large number of “hands” in the same entertainment industry shooting. Join the game and be reincarnated in these gunners. You have the opportunity to win medals and become famous people are widely known. With 18 rounds of categories ranging from sight-seeing, beer shooting, flying objects, you can comfortably express your talents. You will be given a rifle with a viewfinder to make it easier to hit the target. While playing and practising, you will receive gold coins, try to collect them. In the shop system, higher-speed rifles and shotguns are on sale, and you can own them if you qualify.

Enticing play, bringing real emotions

I was once glad to know that when my bullet hit the target with extremely high precision, I could not contain my emotions and screaming, so it was enough to understand. What games have brought me so appealing? When you participate in the game, you will have a default gun to spit-free. On the gun, on the gun is attached to the viewfinder, this will help you a lot with the remote targets that you need to pass.

With 18 levels of players and a large number of athletes involved, you will have to overcome each round and type opponents under his. For every round, at the Olympic Games, you will have to hit the target in a way that the game will guide you, your task is to press the button to the left of the screen, the heart will be turned on, and you Click on the gun to shoot the target. The bullets after each shot will be recorded, and the score will be displayed on the screen. Upon reaching certain points, you will pass the screen and be directed to the next level with increasing difficulty.

So, until your opponent has no one or the highest score after the fight, you will become the champion, that’s great! In Shooting Champion, we also have some more game modes that are duelling, random battles. In these modes, you can invite friends or relatives or a community of players to play together, so the fun will add a lot of fun so you can enjoy the game and show your skills.

Sum up

Regarding graphics, it’s pretty crisp and consistent in tone. The lively background music of Champion air, giving players more exciting when competing with the players around the world, right at the shooter game, full of practicality. Shooting Champion MOD is an extremely fun game, join in the game and train your skills and show off your talents. Be confident and win the gold medal. Feel the joy that the game brings as well as the joys you get through a fight, and pass the path to the champion’s trophy.