Game SIMULACRA 2 (Paid/Full)

Game SIMULACRA 2 (Paid/Full)
Publisher Kaigan Games OÜ
Genre Simulation
Size 1.6GB
Latest Version 2.4.1144.353
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Update July 2, 2020 (9 months ago)

For the gaming market today, the simulation genre has become a popular trend with a large number of players every day. There are many different types of simulations, and most of them will be based on a problem in life and reproduce the whole thing. The world inside the simulation games is big enough for every player to be able to do what they want in it. Even the possibility of simulation has reached a new height, instead of an incarnation and a certain game, it will help you have a whole new experience through simulation games. And today, I will introduce you to a new situation simulation game that was recently launched on the market, which is SIMULACRA 2. It is the next part of the famous game specializing in simulation of the journey to discover the secret after the death of a certain celebrity. And this part will be the same, but it will include more awesome features.


At the beginning of the game, you will be a police officer responsible for investigating the cause of a girl’s death. But the strange thing happened that all clues originated from her phone. So you will start a detective through this mysterious phone.

The start of the game will be times when you watch a video on the phone. This video is not normal, its content is to record the moments before she died, but the image of the video is the problem. The video became noisy, the sound was timid, and she kept repeating unusual words. You will certainly be obsessed with this video, but it is the only source of clues for finding the cause. From here, the player will constantly access everything on her phone, looking for everything stored inside it. A number of riddles will appear, but solving them will depend on the skill of the player. These puzzles are very important because they will open up another important clue.

Another strange thing happened, even on the phone, it was not okay. It was like someone was playing around with its owner even after she died. Some data has been erased, not able to track other clues. But that is not a problem, because the player who accompanies the player will be an AI capable of recovering all deleted data. Besides, players will also have a number of different dialogue situations between characters and colleagues. From there, players can use it as a useful way to apply to the game. Continuously uncovering mysteries and finding out who sinned, bring them to light and bring peace to the dead girl.


With a true sound system, accompanied by charismatic live-action scenes. This game will give players the scary experience of an inherent horror game. Even the player will not know that he himself was intrigued by this wonderful combination. This game will simulate everything on a phone. It can be said that you are using another phone, for example, but abnormal changes such as scary images or colorful effects will scare players. And these jumpscare situations are completely unexpected, the player will be unpredictable.

If you’re a fan of the horror and detective genre, then “SIMULACRA 2” might be the right choice for you.


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