Game Slap Kings

Game Slap Kings
Publisher Gameguru
Genre Action
Size 84M
Latest Version 1.3.2
MOD Info Money/God Mode
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OS Android Games

Slap Kings is a game brought with the purpose of helping players reduce stress after many working hours. With the theme of quite interesting playing, and does not require the device to be connected to the internet or requires you to use data, the game has been downloaded to the computer by many players for entertainment at a time. free. The game does not have a special storyline but only pays attention to gameplay development.

The theme of the game is quite fun when revolving around the confrontation between the two sides through the “battle of the strength of the hand”. Have you ever seen slap competitions before? This is new, isn’t it?


Slap Kings has a turn-based fighting game in which each side takes turns to slap. You will have an advantage when you will be the first to start. After you have completed the blow, the opponent proceeds to respond with a slap. Each side will display its own HP for players to follow. The party that runs out of HP first will naturally become a loser. A KO can absolutely happen if the player uses a moderate and accurate force. At the same time, each time, the character will perform some very nice moves, temporarily understood as a critical effect. At the perfect level, your character will give the opponent a slap, even allowing the opponent to leave the stage catastrophically, such as flying from the stands.

After winning, players continue to face each other with the next opponent. The difficulty level, as well as the intelligence of AI, will gradually increase. At the same time, the pace of the clock will also increase rapidly. So, not because of repetitive gameplay, the game is boring for players.

How to play simple

With such a simple gameplay, the controls will also be very simple. Does not require performing sophisticated combinations, but players only need to align correctly, then just tap the screen. Thus, action phase will be performed. Depending on the level of accuracy, the force will change sharply or weakly. The game is easier to play when designed with portrait orientation, meaning that the player can just use one hand to tap.

Design and graphics

The game is brought with a beautiful design and fun. The details of the degree of facial muscle injury are brought to the attention in fun. In addition, Slap Kings also brings a system of very rich characters. In addition to the characters that are opponents facing players, other characters are also brought in as audience. It is they who bring the excitement and enthusiasm of each match. The game will be very tedious without the interaction and audience effects.


Right! Honestly, it was a lot of fun to hear the sounds of people clapping in the face or cheering. It makes you feel like you’re actually slapping someone’s face.

Overall, the game has quite fun and new gameplay. Besides, the graphics are also brought colorful and funky atmosphere. So, Slap Kings, certainly, has the ability to help players can deal with high stress. However, with content that is somewhat violent, parents should consider letting their children play. If I were to judge the level worth playing, I would give Slap Kings 4/5 points.


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