Game Snakebird Primer
Publisher Noumenon Games
Genre Logic
Size 65MB
Latest Version 12
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Snakebird Primer – Snake has been a default game on many devices. The player controls a snake and moves around the screen to eat small particles. These particles will make the snake grow longer and more infinitely. This game has amused many players around the world because of its simplicity and appeal. Early versions were as simple as 8bit games with flat 2D graphics, no colors, and everything was designed in a minimalist way. After all, everything becomes more complex and beautiful. Everything is designed with a fun shape with many colors that appeal to the viewers. There are even 3D versions.

The Snakebird Primer is not a classic Snake game, but in its operation, it contains some attractions of this game. Besides, the manufacturer also added new elements. It seems that this adventure has more puzzle elements that will appeal to players thanks to challenges, intelligence, and patience. The character is also designed in a new, colorful and fun way. Scenes also change constantly with challenges posed in a creative and fun way.

The snakebirds are back

Primer Snakebird allows players to control new characters, created by the design team, but completely untrue. This creature is called the Snakebird. Make it easier to imagine; this creature is a funny combination between a snake and a bird. With a long but colorful body along with the head of a cute bird, this creature will save all the players it touches. Besides, this version of the Primer will add many birds with different colors (perhaps making players think of Angry Birds as well).

On how to play, the publisher Noumenon Games mentioned that this will be a puzzle game. It means that when participating in the game, players would not focus on speed and time but only focus on overcoming challenges. Please play as long as you want; there is no limit to the number of lives, play until when you pass the screen, then only.

New places to explore, more bird, more fruit, more everything

A game screen will be a map of obstacles and fruits as well as a teleport gate located in any place. The player’s task is to reach the teleport gate to pass the screen. But the teleport gate does not open freely but the player must finish all the fruits on the map before it opens. Players will have to move so skillfully because if they miss the wrong country, they will fall and lose. But immediately you will be revived in the previous move. There is also Undo mode to go back to the previous move actively. If you do this, it means that everything is returned to the prototype. There are many stages that players soon coordinate to control two birds at once.