Game Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies

Game Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies
Publisher PlayStack
Genre Action
Size 200M
Latest Version 1.7.39817
MOD Info Damage/Unlocked
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Update July 31, 2020 (8 months ago)

Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies! is a variant of the famous game called Snipers Vs. Thieves with whole new gameplay, new features, and loads of exciting things waiting for players. If you are a fan of zombie games or want to explore diverse and attractive gameplay, join now. In the original game, the player is tasked with hunting for thieves who are fleeing after robbing a bank. At the same time, the player can become a thief and evade snipers’ vision or assist his teammates to escape. And “Zombies!” has similar gameplay, but the player has only one task, which is to kill all zombies in each challenge. If you are confident in your sniping ability, why not join the challenge inside this game?

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The game has a simple gameplay and detailed instructions for players to quickly grasp the core of the game. The control mechanism of the game is also simple, and players can enjoy this game with just one finger. Of course, the player’s journey will be to clear zombies out of the city by destroying them in each challenge. Small challenges connect each other and form a storyline for the players, and they are scattered throughout the city. Besides the main challenge, there are some quests separated for players to enjoy. Also, there is a daily quest system or some activities for players to entertain while killing zombies. The game has a lot of things to make players happy, and even a massive upgrade system for players to fight in harder challenges.

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The game has a simple control mechanism, and its gameplay only requires the player to have precise control to kill zombies. The player cannot move from the default location, and the only weapon in this game is the sniper rifle. With that weapon, players only need to move the scope and fire on any zombie they want. The player must make every shot count because the sniper rifle has very little ammunition in a magazine, and the very long reload time can make zombies breakthrough. Moreover, the player’s damage will depend on where they shoot, and the damage will reach the highest level if the player makes a headshot. Moreover, the game will reward players if they achieve high scores in each challenge. Therefore, players should destroy many zombies with lots of headshots to have many attractive rewards.


The game will make the player experience more interesting by making the game mode more diverse. The game will have several other attractive game modes for players to entertain. Each mode will have a different task, instead of destroying all zombies, the game will have modes such as survival, protection, search, and more. In each mode, the rules will change, and from there, the bonuses will change accordingly to increase the entertainment of the game. Players face more challenges, bring more rewards, and collect more new things. Players can also activate multiplier scores to gain more points in each shot, and even collect killstreaks if they successfully destroy multiple consecutive targets in a short time.

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As the player progresses the storyline, the zombie’s power will be improved, so the player must have stronger weapons to deal with them. The game will have a massive weapon upgrade system, and there are many different weapons for players to collect. The player’s main weapon has not changed, is still a sniper rifle, but they appear with many different variations for players to enjoy. Each weapon has a unique stat, and that makes them bring a completely new feeling every time the player uses them. And the upgrade system will improve the strength or shape, and players can install additional attachment to improve their overall stats. This game has a lot of things for players to explore, and the variety of weapons is the best thing about this game.

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In some challenges, there will be difficult situations that the player cannot solve so that special equipment will be required. Special equipment is divided into different categories, and the usage will be varied. The equipment helps players to defend or kill all zombies within a certain range. But its operating time is concise, should only be used in emergencies. Of course, players can upgrade equipment, or change them to have more effective strategies. The variety of equipment is an excellent advantage of the player, and if used properly, the effect will be great.

If you are a lover of zombie game or want to experience new gameplay, then “Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies” will be a perfect choice for you.


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