Game Snowboard Party: Aspen

Game Snowboard Party: Aspen
Publisher Maple Media LLC.
Genre Sports
Size 36M
Latest Version 1.3.2
MOD Info Money/Tickets
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Adventure games always bring excellent feelings for players. Currently, the favorite adventure games such as skydiving, racing or parkour have become quite popular and are of interest to many people. We can see a lot of simulation games that are done in ways that appeal to these fans. They get the attention of many gamers around the world and indeed the number of downloads is also extremely large.

Skiing is also a risky game, but few people pay attention to. Basically, it is quite old, and many manufacturers have taken advantage of this content. Snowboard Party: Aspen is a newcomer in this playground but is also quite interested. Its unique feature is that the graphics are increased to the maximum, which can be as bright as the hottest sports games today. Despite receiving such a beautiful design, the production team had a way to optimize its capacity. Mid-range smartphones can work smoothly when using a 258MB game.

Extreme Snow Boarding Game

This game is set in a public context. Players will come to the snow-covered region of Colorado, specifically Aspen. For ski enthusiasts, this is a place they will have to visit once in their lives. The person who has come here will definitely want to test whether the game reflects the experience I have had. As for those who do not know this magical land, they will want to play games to remember. In general, just love skiing; this place is worth a try. That is enough to confirm that this game will definitely succeed in the future.

There is also another reason, actually a premise from its development team. If you are observant, you can quickly realize that Maple Media LLC is a studio specializing in games related to Skateboard and Snowboard available on Android! Their previous products have achieved great success, the game at least made one million downloads and the most up to 15 million. You can also find the brothers of this game in the publisher archive. All of them are free. It can be said that “Snowboard Party: Aspen” is not a mod that extends the player’s experience.

Remarkable features

The game style of the game does not change. It provides a freestyle experience. The player will not be too much constrained into the rules but will be brought to a comfortable experience and without any limits. Discover this new mountain area with nine brand new runs that were designed in perfect snowboarding conditions. Players who get rewards and store them quite a lot in their accounts can unlock some exciting things. With over 100 snowboards and more than 30 outfits, the player can freely customize his rider. Simple control with just the combination of two operations with the left joystick and three virtual buttons on the right. Work hard to perform difficult tricks like halfpipes, rails, and jumps. Those difficult techniques, when playing in front of other players, will make them admire. Besides, there is a rank board for you to emulate every day with rivals on the internet.

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