Game Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever

Game Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever
Publisher WonderPlanet Inc.
Genre Casual
Size 121MB
Latest Version 1.1.0
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update August 14, 2019 (2 years ago)

Music games are always taken seriously because it offers great excitement for this type of entertainment enthusiast. It is like a combination of work and will be free to listen to music and play games. 2 entertainment elements work together to form Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever. You are ready to increase your volume to the maximum, put your headphones on, and prepare for Crash Fever’s greatest songs. The music in the game will never make you feel disappointed.

Don’t delay but hold your phone up and release the music show hidden in your soul. Any person in the world loves music. So why don’t you unleash the hidden power with “Sonic Beat feat Crash Fever” !? When you open this game on your phone, you will be immersed in a world of music, which is sometimes hard to escape until tired. But don’t worry about the time you spend on the game really deserving.

10 Smash Hits from Crash Fever

This game is a music celebration, which means it reuses the content that has been popular. However, the manufacturer will upgrade and customize it to become a completely new product. Crash Fever Crash Fever is a world-famous music puzzle, character, and many things from the worldwide puzzle phenomenon. The original game now has over 10 million downloads worldwide and has maintained its operations for four years in this tight game market. “Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever” will probably re-its next success.

The first thing you can realize is that “Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever” uses 10 Smash Hits from Crash Fever. There will really be things that you need to know about these ten tracks. This innovative version will be updated with three different levels for each lesson. It means that the player will be challenged more, and if you are a previous Crash Fever player, you will not be bored with this product. Challenge yourself to see how much time and effort it takes to overcome the Ultimate stages. Surely that will do in the fascinating experience you encounter in the process of playing your music game.

Original Tracks Re-arranged for Sonic Beat

Fever Mode is a time when you can use all your power to create miracles. This means that the player after spending a certain amount of time in the game will be taken to Fever Mode, a short amount of time that you can use to make your score faster. The reward value for this period of time is really worth it for you to experience the difficulty being increased. Players will have to keep abreast of the beats, make continuous combos and the game only stops when you make a mistake.

Ten songs that the original game will be Re-arranged for Sonic Beat. This is something special that makes this game more attractive and new; it is worth your time to learn. Music is re-arranged from Crash Fever’s celebrated composer (Hiroshi Kato from Noisy Cloak). In addition, players can summon eight familiar characters to represent themselves in the gameplay.

MOD Info

Unlock all songs, characters!

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