Game Star Traders: Frontiers

Game Star Traders: Frontiers
Publisher Trese Brothers
Genre RPG
Size 194M
Latest Version 3.1.37
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Update March 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

To this day, the universe has always been something mysterious that people still cannot answer. Why? Because it is so large, there are things and phenomena that do not follow any physical laws. Therefore, this topic is interested in by many game developers and put their ideas into it. Have you ever wondered what the other universe is happening? Is there an alien creature like humans ever predicted? Find yourself the answer with the game Star Traders: Frontiers!


The Star Traders: Frontiers is a role-playing game where you become a captain of a spaceship. Outside the Earth, there are millions of life in existence. They found the Earth’s intense life and created a plot to invade it. As a captain, taking on the task of protecting the Earth from external dangers, you cannot leave them alone. You will begin the journey to respond to the attack from the aliens.

How to play

In this game, you will be assigned a lot of tasks to perform, the more you explore, the more you will go into the plot. You know mysteries, but at the same time, you also encounter much more danger. Not only Earth, but other planets also have life, and they are not as friendly as we thought. You will confront alien kings and princes along with their army and enter to the warship. The system will give you a default ship so that you will manage and develop it yourself. Upgrade the ship, equip the new, most advanced weapons, and recruit crew fighters with you to fight.

Although the main factor involved in battle battles is ships, this game also values character, because sometimes you have to land on the surface of the planets, and perform actions. The crew you recruit have combat skills, strengths, weaknesses, and personal ambitions. Although you are the captain, you cannot work without teammates. So, recruit and train them with the ability to control the ship and fight the enemies in the future.

Regarding gameplay mechanics, the game belongs to the turn base category. You and the enemy will take turns attacking until one party is damaged and cannot fight anymore. Every time your turn comes, an interface of battle skills and support items will appear. You need to choose your battle mode, then hit ‘end turn’ to damage the enemy. Star Traders: Frontiers are also tactical, so each turn of your choice should be carefully selected, to win. Every time the game ends, you will receive a bonus. Use this money to customize the ship, buy weapons, and upgrade them for higher damage.


Star Traders: Frontiers background pretty simple 2D graphics, build combat scene takes place in outer space where planets and stars. The player not only controlled his ship but also saw the fantastic scenery due to the glowing stars on the dark universe. Besides, the choice of tones is also very subtle, creating a scene that is somewhat artistic and mysterious.


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