Game Stick Clash

Game Stick Clash
Publisher Azura Global
Genre Casual
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.0.20
MOD Info Money/All Unlocked
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Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

The strategy and puzzle game genre has grown strongly and even combined to give people new breeze and experiences. The creativity and entertainment that comes from these games are endless, and players will always be surprised by its many changes, even stimulating the player’s tactical abilities to new heights. This article will introduce Stick Clash, a simple game but tactical and puzzle game that is intense, suitable for entertainment and gives players new experiences with this genre. Moreover, the games are designed to suit all ages, so their difficulty will be varied or have endless challenges for players to conquer, making the game easy to reach for all ages in the market nowadays.



Turn-based strategies or variations have always been widely used in many different games, but Stick Clash uses fewer violent elements and contains more entertainment for players. The game’s entire content always revolves around simple calculations and inference, and players must take advantage of available environmental factors to complete challenges. Depending on the player’s difficulty, their content will be rich and varied, giving players a wide range of experiences for this unique tactical genre. Thus, the game does not have an upgraded system to minimize information and focus on constantly fighting and completing all the titles.



Stick Clash’s rules of the game are simple and easy to master in the first challenge, and that is the use of merging or overnumbered tactics. In each challenge, players will always start with a certain number of troops, and the map will appear many different paths connected by points, creating a shaped map. The player’s army will move to that location and engage the enemy stationed by messing with connection points. The deciding factor for victory is quantity, and each army group, regardless of allies or enemies, will always have several indicators above them. If the player wants to defeat those groups, then they need a larger number. Interestingly, the enemy will join the player’s army after being defeated and sum up to increase the number and allow the player to engage the next group of enemies.



Stick Clash is an innovative game filled with puzzle challenges to entertain players. The challenges using quantity are simple but require reasonable moves when they cannot move freely without an enemy. Therefore, the player must formulate a perfect plan and always keep an eye on the current number of troops before progressing to the next targets. The game will also introduce many other attractive game modes, making gameplay rich and attractive to players. All of them are designed in the usual puzzle style but have various difficulty levels, suitable for a wide range of players for the genre.



Stick Clash is a simple strategy game, but its content is abundant and always updated to entertain players. Challenges will put players on special puzzles of varying difficulty and have a longer duration than regular challenges. Furthermore, the game will have many rewards for completing them, and players can unlock trophies if they complete these challenges with good results. Player soldiers in special challenges will become more aggressive, but a few enemy special units will appear, causing them to change plans and become more creative. Besides, challenges will include a rich quest system, a major income source for unlocking other game content.



The reward system will include humorous costumes, uniformity between soldiers, and giving players a lot of experience similar to a general. Furthermore, the character customization system allows the player to change any details, such as hats, armor, default weapons, and each unit’s colors. By completing challenges or quests, players will receive many attractive custom outfits. All costumes will also be divided into many different ranks, and the beauty they bring to the army is completely different and magnificent. If players want, they can purchase special outfits through the store, which is also a place to update new costumes.

Stick Clash is a strategy game combined with puzzle elements to make the gameplay richer and more exciting. Players can choose from various play styles they want, as the game content is endless and will expand based on the player’s progress. The game also uses simple and friendly graphics and many visual features to improve the player’s experience. If you need a highly relaxing and accessible game for all ages, this game will be a perfect choice.


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