Game Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors

Game Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors
Genre Action
Size 66M
Latest Version 1.1.8
MOD Info Unlimited Skill
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Update April 29, 2020 (11 months ago)

Do you know Dragon Ball? Do you know the Stick-man theme? Do you know the fighting game? If you know the appeal of these three elements, surely Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors will never let you down. This game demonstrates the outstanding success of PHOENIX GLOBAL during its operation period.

The powerful but basic control system

With a 4-way joystick, “Stick Hero Fighter” gives players the most flexible control. However, it is not merely a moving tool but also has the ability to integrate attacks. You can use the skill at the same time with the movement to create a surprise effect for the opponent’s attack. Also, moves are also used to create distance from the opponent to wait for skills to cooldown.

You have three separate basic skills for each champion and two widely used spells. With such a wide selection, players will have to learn how to coordinate so that they create seamless, uninterrupted combos, and make the most of each opponent’s wrong moment. We have some familiar combinations such as KI Blast, Counter Skill, Power, Attach, Move, Teleport, Block; Power + Attach: super attach; Power + KI Blast: Ki Beam, Final Flash, Death Beam; Special skills: Energy Ball, Dragon Strike, Death Ball, Big Bang Attack.

A huge number of characters, including the newest ones

If you’ve stopped following Dragon Ball for about ten years (since it stopped producing the latest content), then right now, significant changes to the power system that you haven’t updated. First of all, Songoku had a significant change in his health level when he met Beerus-Sama. “Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors” gives you all the powers just announced by the author in its canon series. Ultra instinct characters are the new and most compelling characters.

Each character has their own power indicators such as ATK, HP, MP, CRIT. The damage the character does, the stamina as well as the clutch ability of the character. Characters unlocked with lots of gold have a higher stat than lower-level characters. This situation is actually not fair, but it is also the hard work of the players for a long time, which is worthy of their hard work. However, each character, no matter how strong, have their own weaknesses. You only need to know the weak points, use characters with the same power level, and exploit the right place, and you can still win.

Many attractive modes, difficulty levels are divided by the level of the player

4 Game modes: Versus mode, Story mode, Tournament mode, and Training mode are used in different cases. Players will not be bored with the content repeated too much.
In Versus mode, characters will fight each other in non-systematic battles. Simply, the two rivals agreed with each other and rushed into action until the winner was chosen. These matches do not determine the outcome of any regime, but it is the harshest place. It shows the technique and the pride of the player.

Story mode, Tournament mode are considered the two most visited places, almost in every fighting game. It is a place where opponents practice, upgrade their skills, and win worthy rewards. The story mode is somewhat simpler, following absolute linearity. The tournament allows the player to receive large rewards, but losing is punished more heavily.

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