Game Strange World

Game Strange World
Publisher Seasun Game Corporation limited
Genre Strategy
Size 128M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Stamina
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Files March 10, 2021 (4 days ago)

Survival Games until now are still a lot of people interested. You will have to live in a world bizarre and unlike your earth. How to live up there? The answer will be shown in the game Strange World. Strange World (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Offline Survival RTS Game

So you enter this world means you are facing the most tragic disaster of mankind. This is no longer the beautiful world you know, it’s a broken place with no signs of modern life and civilization. Everything was vandalized, and the only thing left was the monsters. Most of the human race is extinct, and only a few lucky people survive. You are one of them. And your journey in the present time is to find out the reason why this planet fell into that tragedy. With the slightest hope that you will find a way to save the earth again. Or at least not be destroyed by monsters, maintain the race of mankind. Strange World (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Control up to 4 different characters in over 16 characters

The gameplay of this game is quite simple as you will have to control a group of participants and Battle. This is not a grand scale battle and to win the interests of nations. This is a survival battle where humans must fight monsters and nature to survive the last moments. Players can lead four characters to join in a fight. They will use all their strength to be able to lead to this team’s victory. Each of these characters has a different particular skill. So players will have to monitor and calculate their strength to bring the characters to match the battle. The avatar of these characters will display on the left side of the screen. If you want to use someone’s skills, then click on that avatar. This will be a survival game combined with a real-time team fight. Strange World (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Over 40 Hours of Fun and Intense Game Play

Talking about the survival factor, “Strange World” will have a rather special index, which is calculating the date. At the top left will be three indicators that track your survival situation. The first indicator is the number of days you survive, trying to live as long as possible to become the best survivor in the world. The second indicator is the amount of food you earn. This is entirely based on the battles you defeat as well as the monsters you defeat. That is the reward for the effort. The last indicator is the amount of food you consume in a day. This means that if your army, the more people you live with, the faster this stat will drop. Therefore, when you recruit someone, make sure they will earn enough food to not affect the life of the team. Strange World (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Nice 3D Graphics, Funny Sounds

The game will give you over 30 unique stages expressed through many different lands. It will allow you to slowly understand the story that led to the extinction of humankind as well as this disaster. In addition, players will be allowed to summon more than 16 characters to make their teammates. As noted, each of these characters has a different skill and power. A combination of 4 characters that you choose among the 16 heroes will create unique combinations that take you a lot of time to learn to their full potential.


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