Game Sultan: The Game

Game Sultan: The Game
Publisher 99Games
Genre Fighting
Size 40M
Latest Version 1.09
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Update August 18, 2019 (2 years ago)

Sultan Ali Khan is really an extremely famous boxer in Indian film culture. He fights like a god, giving lots of inspiration to moviegoers in general and fans in particular. This really renowned Bollywood film series Sony almost needs it to produce a specific game, it has received the support of many fans. “Sultan: The Game” is indeed a product that many people appreciate. More than 4.3 stars rated based on the answers of more than 200,000 people on Google Play. It is indeed a proud representative of this TV series. 99Games were also very successful when they came up with an extremely feasible plan. Most of the products they offer on Google Play are movie games inspired by popular TV dramas in India. This direction has brought about a beneficial effect when fans of those movies, unknowingly become fans of this game publisher.


Sultan: The Game reflects precisely what the movie wants to convey to its viewers. First, to mention the main character in the game is Sultan Ali Khan. If the footage you watch on television depicts a handsome and muscular actor, then in the game they also bring an identical image like that. Even the actor’s face was redesigned precisely the same way. This serves maximum for fans. In addition, the atmosphere of the arena is always bustling and stimulating players. When the bell of the match starts the audience around the game will start screaming and cheering, the name of the boxer will be chanted continuously to give them strength.

Strike, Compete, Challenge, Level-up, Win!

When you enter a real match, it is inevitable that you will have to perform many different skills. Use the combination of Kick, Punch, and Elbow… it will give you a variety of combat. The martial arts style is also described in a completely different way, with a bit of exaggeration and a new system of martial arts taken from traditional Indian martial arts combined with modern MMA martial arts. Indeed the battle screen will bring extremely different feelings to the players, not the same as the famous games they have ever experienced. This hard-hitting and power-fueled fighting game will take players to an adventure to challenge the formidable opponents. They will not be weak people but always the strongest in the region.

Sultan was once the most influential martial artist in the world when he achieved many championships with fame and lots of money. However, everyone only had a peak period. After a long time of mastery of the arena, this character began to want to lose his inherent bravery and no longer stand on the pinnacle of those The best martial artist in the era. Times have forced this man to change if he does not want to be excluded from the play of the strongest. This time is when the player must accompany the Sultan in the decisive battle of his life. The Ultimate Wrestling Champion is always the goal you must aim for, regaining old fame and praying to make your name more famous than it used to be.

Let the thrill and excitement flow!

When entering the game, the player receives the worst status of the character, when he is no longer healthy and attains the peak state as before. However, that is your favorite mode when players will have to train their characters continually. He was once a champion, so practicing and returning to the ring was pretty easy. But things have to step by step slowly; it is impossible to rush into the big bets. Slowly fight your opponents with your strength, then upgrade your power gradually to get your first titles.

Your boxer has three types of stats to be concerned about: Strength, Defense, and Heath. It will show the force you own in a match, the stamina in each skill and the time you can maintain a game. These indicators can increase in two ways. One is that you will grow by directly upgrading the body of the gladiator, or buying additional equipment for your character. These two things should be balanced to create the best effect in a match. Because sometimes if you regret a little money to buy a good pair of gloves, and wait too long to upgrade an indicator, you have to spend a lot of money, surely the number of losses you have to endure never Less than a match.

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