Game Summoner’s Greed

Game Summoner’s Greed
Publisher PIXIO
Genre Strategy
Size 84M
Latest Version 1.23.1
MOD Info Free Purchases
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OS Games Android

Many games take advantage of all the fantasy elements to exploit and create many of the most attractive and impressive gameplay on the market. They are constantly changing and always give the player many different styles, and even many games focus on flexibility and automation. This article will introduce Summoner’s Greed, a humorous game, combined with the game development team’s enthusiasm, always giving people the most impressive content. Furthermore, the game introduces many novel fantasy elements, making its world rich and expansive, giving players countless opportunities to collect legendary monsters or explore the world alongside their summons.


Summoner’s Greed uses fantasy and immersive elements to give players a completely new idle gameplay, allowing them to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere with absolute flexibility. In contrast, the game’s content is almost endless, making up for the gameplay’s simplicity, accompanied by vibrant and friendly original graphics. What’s impressive and outstanding in this game are references, and players can easily see them through summons or game events. The game has a huge interest in all players and its community, so events and many entertainment elements will continue to take place, encouraging players to participate for more rewards continuously.


The core of the game’s gameplay is a perfect combination of TD elements and summons, where players use their monsters to counter a myriad of attacks from enemies. However, each game challenge requires players to have creativity and creative tactical abilities, where enemies will come from random angles and attack the player continuously. All challenges in the player’s journey are full of surprises and entertainment, even designed so that the challenge can last forever. From there, the player must continually summons rare monsters, place them in position, and be ready for the most intense defenses.


Each summons has its characteristics, including players in the skill system. Each wave of defense is based on summons’ endurance, and players have to use skills at crucial moments. The skill system will include summons’ skills, giving the player a wide variety of deploying tactics and attacking enemies. However, the skills will have a long cooldown, despite their massive damage over the battlefield. Players can spend money from killing enemies to upgrade summons, unlock new summons, and place them on the map’s tactical locations. Skills are absolute but must be used effectively and can be the key to helping players gain the upper hand.


The player’s role in Summoner’s Greed is a villain, so enemies will constantly send out powerful heroes to defeat the player. The heroes have different stats from the minions and can end the campaign if they cannot fight them within the time allowed. Conversely, if players destroy the heroes, they will receive a lot of money and equipment to use on monsters, enhancing their power further. The role-playing element will play out its role in equipment and upgrade systems, allowing players to take advantage of defeating heroes’ usefulness. They are accompanied by valuable monster titles for those who have defeated the most majestic heroes.


Summoner’s Greed contains a wealth of engaging content to excite players and continually bring huge players to it. That content includes mini-games and many other attractive rewards. Players will even have the opportunity to receive rare summons through rewards, and many mini-games that depend on luck will appear everywhere. However, the player must have enough resources to experience them by destroying as many enemies as possible. Many funny or famous references will also be mentioned in the game, making its gameplay richer and exciting for players to explore.


If the player is often busy but still wants to own rare talent or rewards, the idle function will be the perfect combination in gameplay. That function automatically causes the player’s monsters to fight, and the player can even set the upgrade system to automatically every time the required amount of coins is collected. Everything will be automatically for the player, but only for a limited time, and the player has to gather for the idle to work full-power continuously. Also, the return rewards will be generous and come with lots of bonuses, giving players the option to upgrade summons or spend them on mini-games.

Summoner’s Greed is a funny and entertaining game, with impressive content and constantly giving players many surprises. Besides, the game’s idle element is perfect, stimulating players to constantly work to collect rewards and many hidden bonuses that further progress. If you are looking for a game with exciting content and many famous references on the internet, Summoner’s Greed will be a perfect choice in all aspects.


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