Game Super Robot Wars DD

Game Super Robot Wars DD
Publisher Bandai Namco
Genre RPG
Size 1GB
Latest Version Coming soon
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Update March 27, 2019 (2 years ago)

BANDAI NAMCO is an extreme entertainment company great period owns a lot of mostly Anime content. Their own anime movies were in turn produced into similar games. To make the most of the brand’s power. In addition to products based on films that are too famous such as Naruto, One Piece or Bleach, … it still has new products to serve the needs of all players around the world. “Super Robot Wars DD” is an entirely new product of them referring to the robot war.

All content in the game is refreshed, but you will quickly feel its familiarity the first time you come into contact. The game will feature one of the most famous anime character systems in the world so far. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Devilman plays an important role, as the main character.

The first game information was released to the market from 2018 by the publisher. But all the information continued to be hidden until its second trailer was published on a stage event at Taipei Game Show 2019. Everything began to clear up from here when its main story and the new Original characters and mecha system were all clearly displayed. However, you still cannot play the game because it is still in the final stages of finalization. The farthest move you can make to the current game is to register its main website at “” The latest information is updated on that website in a reliable and fast way. You can also read that information on our website.


Talking about how to play, the game works quite simply, like a turn-based game. But the mechanism for arranging battles will be more complicated than games of the same type. First, you will be put on a map based on hexagonal bricks. Players will be able to move their characters in those directions to select opponents. Players can bring about three characters to fight. When everything is still on the map, it will be displayed in 2D. But when you decide to fight and manipulate the opponent, it will take you to a 3D screen where your character will show off the moves. This way of dividing the screen makes the operation process not too complicated, but there is still a great combat screen. The characters in the game will be able to be upgraded to become stronger after each game screen.

When starting the game, you will have to choose which world to fight. The game will give you four different worlds to choose from. Each will have a separate character system and fascinating stories behind. However, basically all the celebrities will appear only; you should not be too worried and bitter about where you are fighting. Although this is a turn-based fighting game, you are free to launch your moves freely. Just having to work faster is the method that will perform faster, with no “ally phase” and “enemy phase” like in other Super Robot Wars games.


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