Game Super Stickman Heroes Fight

Game Super Stickman Heroes Fight
Genre Action
Size 67M
Latest Version 2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Heros/AD-Free
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OS Games Android

Super Stickman Heroes Fight, is a free game for mobile devices. It belongs to the category of action games and is developed by the ONEGAME GLOBAL. Currently, the game has the latest version, 2.5, updated on February 22, 2021. This version has been perfected and optimized in the best way, bringing great experiences for players. Coming to the game, you will be immersed in superheroes’ role on a mission to fight the dark forces in the universe to protect the Earth. This game will be very suitable for those passionate about acting and who want to contribute their little effort to protect the world. It allows you to transform, try the role of a true superhero, do noble jobs. Let’s go find out and discover details about this game!


Version 2.5 has just been updated with progressive changes. Of which there are two things of particular concern, they are: some small errors in the gameplay have been fixed. At the same time, the character index and the difficulty of the levels in the plot mode have been balanced. This creates excitement for players, allowing them to enjoy the value that the game brings fully.

When playing the game, players will play superheroes to protect the Earth by fighting against dark forces everywhere in the universe. You can choose your superhero, improve the ultimate power to join all tournaments to conquer the rankings.


The game has 4 attractive game modes, including story mode, online PvP mode, survival mode, and tournament mode. Each game mode will have different attractions, making it difficult for players to get out of the journey. Story mode sets the player’s task to go to every corner of the Universe and go to war on evil people. You will fight them, win to become a great hero. In addition to playing a superhero role, you can switch to other superheroes to fight with the dark forces.

PvP online mode allows players to compete with other warriors by fighting superheroes worldwide to win the top position in terms of strength. Survival Mode is where players have to try to survive the longest in the battle when fighting other strong opponents. Ultimately, tournament mode is about finding the champion. It is a battle between 16 elite warriors. The final winner is the person who wins the championship and receives many valuable prizes from the game.


This is a completely free game, is a great choice for players. You can enjoy the exciting matches by yourself in which you are the participant. Therefore, it is more dramatic and engaging than watching movies or reading stories. Moreover, the game allows you to be played whenever you want without a network connection. This is again a plus point for the favor of the game. You can play this game anytime, anywhere without being dependent on the internet or not.

Next, the way to play the game is simple and attractive. Players can easily control the character based on buttons to move, teleport, cast, or block. One important thing that makes the game unique is that you can join the universe’s superhero squad. In that place, you are completely in control of your actions and fight your own way.


First, the collection feature is full of the most powerful heroes. Players will be rewarded for upgrading or buying new heroes when they win matches. Each hero has more than one form of strength. You can unlock a new form when the hero is upgraded and reaches a certain level.

The second is graphic design. The graphics are designed but show the majesty as well as the fiery power in each match. The sound is vivid and real. In particular, there are many superheroes for you to choose to play freely. Players can apply many skills to the game to improve their levels, such as Hame attack ball, Final Blast, and a Spider flash. Therefore, if you are a gamer or simply passionate about characters that save the world, don’t miss this game! It will give you great feelings to experience!


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