Game Superstar JYPNATION

Game Superstar JYPNATION
Publisher Dalcomsoft, Inc.
Genre Casual
Size 73M
Latest Version 2.4.7
MOD Info unlocked mission/group
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Update September 6, 2018 (3 years ago)

In the early 2000s, when Korean music came to Vietnam, it quickly exploded with a wave of enthusiasm that drew a large crowd of fans to the music scene of these nation. Influence on many aspects of society, not only in terms of communication, fashion but also changing the entertainment needs of the market. Based on that influence, the online game market is also constantly launching music games related to Kpop. Considered to be the darling of game maker Dalcomsoft Inc., Superstar JYPNATION game is the online music game is very attractive on the market today.

Game Superstar JYPNATION is a music game that simulates a music playing field based on the songs on the chart, in which the player not only hear his idol singing but also shows the song in the picture. of the singer. Game Superstar JYPNATION, with more than 10 groups of artists and gathering leading Korean singers to possess quality music, players enjoy the music that you love. To add to the fun of the game, manufacturers have come up with a variety of add-ons that allow players to record, mimic, or edit their tunes. The special feature of the game is that the player management system is based on the membership cards issued during the game installation, each card has a role in each department, different applications, including the card, is very valuable. Great, when players own these cards will enjoy more special advantages.

Superstar JYPNATION is not just a game, it is a world of music that is considered as a real market, then a weekly ranking will appear to rank the players in the game. The rankings are based on the songs with the highest score in your participation. With such a high level of practicality and interactivity, the game requires not only musical talent but also frequent access, and accumulation of points as much as possible, each round has the most competition. The game is to get players to pass, there are new players to win.

The interface of the game is a combination of melody and image the sound quality is invested high with the top songs, updated continually the music is making the wind on the market. The main character of the game is the characters are taken one hundred percent of the singers from the real life, the famous Korean groups such as Miss A, Wonder Girls, TWICE, .. colorful graphic design. , in the exciting music scene. Each song is a combination of art and entertainment. In addition, Superstar JYPNATION game also trends in fashion, communication and modern.

The highly interactive online game, players not only have the opportunity to become a famous singer but also enjoy the music of their favorite. In the game also create high connectivity, players can join links with other players. With innovative features that are constantly being improved by the manufacturer to provide users with the highest quality products, high connectivity capabilities, players are fully assured of security, in the game.

Using music as a bridge for fans to the entertainment industry, Superstar JYPNATION game is not only easy to use, fast connection but also suitable on all smartphone or tablet devices. With such features, Superstar JYPNATION is popular with everyone, in every field. Continued to attract a lot of game installment Superstar JYPNATION has proved the competition with the same game products. Are you ready to bring the world of music at your fingertips with this game?

MOD: Unlock Mission/Group

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