Game Survive Together: Zombie MMO
Publisher Gameloft
Genre Strategy
Size 470M
Latest Version 0.24.3
MOD Info Ammo/Damage
Update February 21, 2020 (1 year ago)

The end of the world has come, and what will you do to survive in this period? That is the question that players must answer when coming to the game Survive Together: Zombie MMO to win. The genre of survival is not something so strange; in recent times, this genre is one of the hottest genres. And there are many such games, but this game does not have many similarities with those games, it has many new things for players to discover. If regular games on the market no longer have anything new, this game will be a great choice.

The world is in a period of chaos, and people are becoming extinct, another species across the globe are replacing human. The creature that is gradually taking over the position of a human is a zombie, no one knows where they came from, but they quickly spread and destroyed humans. More and more people are infected and cannot do anything to prevent it. When coming to the game, the player will play the role of a survivor in this world, but when you are in danger, you come across help from a girl named Riley. Thanks to that help, you were able to survive, so she took the player to the place of other survivors to ask for help. But you’ve accidentally triggered an old book, and that book is the key to all of this mystery, so the player’s journey has begun.

Build a base to hide

While the zombie pandemic is raging, what players need is a base to hide when needed. Initially, the player is only provided a simple shelter; they do not have anything to defend when being attacked by zombies. So the player’s task is to build and upgrade this place to become a solid fortress, which will help players easily defend. First of all, the player needs to earn a lot of wood to build walls; it is what will help the player to stop the zombies that are coming. Besides, there are many other things that players can build, some necessary things such as a well to get water, gunsmith to create weapons. But to build them, players first need to find enough materials; players can receive materials by doing missions or searching.

Go to other lands

When the player is in the player’s base, it is rare for a zombie to find it, because this is a safe place. However, there were not too many things needed to make and survive, so it was necessary to travel to other lands to search for more. When players come to other lands, they will have to confront a lot of zombies and must destroy them if they want to get the item. The most dangerous place and also the place with the most needed items are the central cities, where there are a lot of zombies occupied. So to get there, players need to have full preparation if you do not want to die.

MOD Info?

  • High Damage/Durability
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Zombies Freeze
  • Speed Hack