Game Surviving Titan (Full Version)

Game Surviving Titan (Full Version)
Publisher Dynamic Zero
Genre Adventure, Survival
Size 75M
Latest Version 0.7.5
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Update June 17, 2020 (9 months ago)

Survival games are always something that attracts a lot of attention from players because it brings players to a dangerous situation for you to experience. Today there are many such games produced on the market for players to experience but that is too similar. Famous games from around the world such as “PUBG” or “Fortnite” are all famous names of this series. But they seem to be more of a struggle between players than a real cost. Everything you need is in the game and players only need to search and use. But when players come to the game Surviving Titan, everything will be different, completely different from what players often see on the game. Players must not fight with others, but players must fight with nature to fight for life. Players will feel what the feeling of survival really is, the feeling will have to do everything to survive is what the game has. If players want to have new experiences not only about gameplay but also in many other ways, this game is for you.

Open world, action-packed, survival adventure game

The player is a well-trained astronaut to be sent to and explore in other planets. Most recently, humans have discovered a planet that has a lot in common with the earth and especially where it is alive. For many years humans have tried to find another planet to live on because the earth is so cramped. With a growing population, the earth is not enough to accommodate the entire human being. So when the planet is discovered, it is like a ray of hope for humans to solve the current situation. But no one is sure that this place can live, and if it is suitable for natural conditions, there are many other factors affecting life. For example, do the natives, do the monsters in this place exist? No one knows that, so the earth sent you to this planet to explore this place. But unfortunately, when the spacecraft approached this place, there was an accident and you had to make an emergency landing on the planet to ensure safety. Without anything in the hand, what do players need to do to survive? It is all up to you, the player to do everything he can to survive in this world.

Finding food and water

For any survival game where the player faces nature’s mother, there are two things that you need to survive: food and water. A planet is a place with many similarities to the earth so it is not difficult to find these two. Players can go near rivers or lakes to get water and replenish water for the body. Where there is water, there will be life, and animals can come fully to drink water, players can flirt with the public to get meat. Or if the player is patient enough, they can create fishing rods to catch fish. Once there is fresh meat, the player will need fire to prepare food. Just a few simple steps that players can satisfy the Hunger and Thirst to be able to survive in this place. Players also need to store them to be able to use it for a very long time. So the player must have to constantly complement the character.

Gather resources and build bases

In the game, there are many dangers that can threaten the lives of players so players need to build bases to protect themselves. But before that, players need to gather all the necessary resources such as wood and stone to build the house. This is what can protect the player, if a monster attacks you, you just need to go into the house to fight them. Then they will not be able to attack the player and you will be safe in your house. Players can even renovate the grounds around their homes to turn them into a farm to grow.

Making tools and weapons

Once the player has acquired many resources, the player can learn how to create many things, including weapons to attack monsters. Initially, when the player has nothing, you need to glide branches and stones, but when you have enough materials, you can make an ax to cut the tree. Players can also craft swords, armor, crossbows, and many other things to fight and protect themselves.


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