Game Swing Star

Game Swing Star
Publisher Good Job Games
Genre Arcade
Size 73M
Latest Version 2.7.0
MOD Info free shopping
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Good Job is known as a producer specializing in challenging adventure games. The product that the company released was not so much, but so the quality in each of them brought success beyond the expectation. With such a strong foundation, every “spirit child” that they launch into the market is loved. One of Good Job’s latest products is the Swing Star. If you have ever experienced the legendary Stick Hero, surely the player will feel extremely familiar when starting with Swing Star. However, the gameplay of these two titles is entirely different. Although the game is straightforward, to overcome the challenge is not easy. Swing Star will have to make the players rushed over the screen, but the reality is not for those who like fast.


The player will transform into a stickman using a long rope to swing until he finishes the game. Markers for racing will be dots at the top of the screen. This game sounds quite similar to Fire Rides, but going a little deeper, we’ll notice a bit of difference. With Fire Rides, the movement must be continuous, not back, then with Swing Star players can do the opposite. The terrain in Fire Rides is limited as if the flames collide with the background of the territory will immediately have to play again. About Swing Star, if the stickman hits the terrain, the player will be able to return to the checkpoint to continue, without having to play again. However, you lose if the stickman falls into the pit because then the system will push you to the boot screen always. But with the complex terrain of Swing Star, it is sometimes the advantage for players to rely on to complete the game quickly. A screen with two signs of victory, which is the minimized route and a red line at the end of the path. Just look at it to know where you went.

With more than 100 different levels, players can freely explore the challenges. The screen must be experienced in order, not randomly selected. The difficulty of the game will increase as you climb, the requirements of the challenge will be more and more difficult. Training from the first game is essential. Players are required to practice the ability to catch the wire quickly. The rope will follow the physical oscillation, the larger the amplitude, the longer the swing distance. The faster the player gets to the finish line if the swings are large. However, the rounded knots can be re-attached depending on the length of the terrain. Calming down will help you improve.


Star Swingstyle property is straightforward 2D socks image detail are assured clear and sharp. Smooth animation, but not too soft but still enough to feel stable. Diverse on the topic, players will no longer feel bored playing too long. Circle details will be changed every time the player catches a new point. The spacious space of experience with the direction of travel is extended infinitely in the direction of moving from left to right. So the player has to adapt very flexibility because it is impossible to determine where the new grip is located. But this is a difficult challenge that requires the player’s correct judgment. The screen will not show too many keys, ensuring that players will not be distracted during the process. And the experience space will be optimized as best as possible.

Summing up

A challenging game that requires a sense of humor and patience is a good idea for those who like it. Because of the ability to overcome the challenge is not easy, so when completed, surely the feelings will be fun, better. Not only does stress relieve work but it also makes us feel more interesting and attractive. Of course, a challenging game will be very suitable for you and your friends to compete together. The moments of relaxation will no longer exist the work and study.


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