Game Sword Man – Monster Hunter

Game Sword Man – Monster Hunter
Publisher GMS Adventure
Genre Action
Size 64M
Latest Version 2.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 23, 2019 (2 years ago)

Today, 3D games applied advanced graphics technology that is very popular in the mobile game market. Although it is just a mobile platform, the sharpness or authenticity they bring is not inferior to PC games. However, such games are usually quite large, and the player’s machine must be strong enough to handle the movements smoothly. Therefore, 2D titles are not a bad choice: Sword Man, an attractive 2D role-playing action game. The game allows you to turn into a knight, and if you are cherishing a dream of becoming a knight, fight against evil, don’t miss Sword Man.

The story

Sword Man revolves around the story of a swordsman who is on the path of cultivation to become a master of swordplay. Before long, a group of monsters came out of nowhere, and they were devastating all over the land. His teacher sacrificed his life to protect innocent people. The grief in his heart grew up; he vowed that he would beat the monsters and make them pay for his cruel things.

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Take on the responsibility of a knight; you will receive the task of adventure through many lands to destroy the evil monsters. Your journey will become more and more difficult with the appearance of thousands of monsters, including powerful boss bosses. You need to use your flexible movement skills, your combat skills to dodge and damage your enemies to eliminate them. Initially, the system will give you a default sword. The sword has its damage stats and flexibility, and you can upgrade them in the future, with gold coins you have. In addition to the default sword, you can also possess other weapons such as axes, hammers, laser swords, darts, or scepter sentences. Each weapon has hidden special abilities waiting for you to discover. However, you need to perform the task to receive them or use gold to unlock.

During your journey, the monsters will grow stronger, so you need to develop your character’s power and use your skills more flexible and cleverly. The character only has 100 hp, and it will drop every time you get hit. When the HP point reaches 0, the game will end. Whenever you defeat monsters, they can drop items that support HP recovery and gold coins, don’t forget to collect them!

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