Game Tales of Wind

Game Tales of Wind
Publisher Neocraft Limited
Genre RPG
Size 2.5G
Latest Version 3.0.4
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Update August 27, 2020 (7 months ago)

NEOCRAFT has launched the 3-product game market and has created the trust of players for themselves. Their products are mostly fascinating adventure games about the journey of small heroes. Ever Adventure, Overlords Of Oblivion two games series and most recently “Tales of Wind.” Their latest product has fixed the release date of April 30th, and the current time, the player has been able to Pre-Order and Pre-Registration right on the publisher’s old page. Or, you can search its name on both Google Play and AppStore tools. Currently, the number of pre-registered people has reached more than 500,000.

“Tales of Wind” is an MMORPG game with its characteristics that make it easy for players to recognize. And apparently, it has a story of its own. The character will play a young hero on the return path, and the ultimate goal is ancient demons known as Calamity Lieges. The world called Arlesdore is in jeopardy, the only person who can bring the light to is you. The world that the game has created is vast, suitable for many online players at the same time. With sharp and detailed graphics as well as a cool art style, it reminds players a bit about Dragon Quest games.

Heartwarming MMO

Before entering this hero’s journey, the player will have to choose one of four character classes: Warrior, Mage, Assassinator, or Cleric. Each person will use different weapons to prove their power in this world full of monsters. For other MMORPGs, they often encapsulate the power of the character’s skills and equipment. But in “Tales of Wind,” the power system has an entirely new element. You will have to fight monsters, but after defeating them, the player can seal them into something called a soul card.

This feature makes players feel like they are playing a Pokemon game. Because the monsters you seal on the card will become your side. The next time you encounter other monsters, you have the right to Summon them to fight for yourself. The special thing that makes the game different is “transforming the adventurer into the monster summoned.” Then exploit the tremendous amount of power that monsters bring.

“Tales of Wind” also offers many attractive modes for players to experience. Most of these modes serve multiplayer like PvP, PvE, Guild vs Guild. You can also customize your character how to use dozens of different types of externalities. And even players can love and marry other characters. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, Ahri is always a companion to you. He is a raccoon-like monster that can grow into sizes and you can mount and ride him around the game.

Graphics & sound

In terms of graphics and sound systems, Tales of Wind has an experienced team for many years taking on this important role. With an RPG that focuses heavily on entertainment, the game’s graphics are naturally inspired by familiar cartoon characters. Along with that, the appearance of pets in the game brings a lot of fun memories, even emotions. You can easily raise an animal and use it as a walking and fighting tool. With the wide-open world map, players can freely explore many mysterious lands in the game


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