Game Talking Tom Blast Park

Game Talking Tom Blast Park
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Casual
Size 76M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update October 14, 2020 (5 months ago)

Dogs and cats have been human friends for a long time. These pets always act as though they can understand their owners. A few years ago, Talking Tom became one of the hottest phenomena of the gaming world because it allowed a talking cat to parody its owner. The player feels like this cat has a personality.

Talking Tom Blast Park

Until a few years later, when people began to enjoy these characters, there was another change. The mini-games in Talking Tom make the player feel very good. They even want these games to become indie versions. Talking Tom Blast Park: The New Blasting Adventure is one of the mini-game versions produced as a Talking Tom Universe component.

Humorous story, serialized with other parts

Entering the world of Talking Tom Blast Park, players will enjoy a stroll in the newest water park of their friends. This park was built on the theme of these characters. When everything was in a happy atmosphere, The Rakoonz and the others arrived. They are the main group of villains in most of Talking Tom’s games. This group of bandits is trying to sabotage everything in the park. You and your brothers must stop them.

Talking Tom Blast Park

Use a weapon to destroy your opponents – The Rakoonz

In the game, the easiest mechanism for you to fight the enemy is by touching the screen. Your character will automatically move straight forward. It would help if you swiped across the screen to navigate the main character. Then, if you encounter a Racoon, touch them to shoot. Just hit it, and the opponent will be quickly destroyed.

Diverse weapons with separate fighting styles

Each time you use a weapon will have different types of strength. Most of the first weapons were quite weak, so they were only used for getting used to. Later, they will become more and more powerful and with effects. But your enemies will also be visible, and these effects will help you destroy them much more effectively. Bubble Blaster, Plunger Bow, The Toaster, … and many unique weapons waiting for you to discover.

Talking Tom Blast Park

Restoring your park

The Raccoon have used their full potential to destroy your property. If we only focus on pursuing and destroying, the park will never return to function as before. Therefore, you must find a way to restore everything to normal orbit. Talking Tom Blast Park combines these two missions into one. The player can both attack the Racoon and collect the fragments.

Talking Tom Blast Park

The enemy has stolen the precious Golden Gears. For the ride to work again, you must take the property back from the vandals. At all costs, the player must destroy enough raccoon that holds the Golden Gears and bring it back to headquarters. As long as you collect enough, you can fix it. Everything will work automatically.

The strongest Bosses are always waiting for the end

After a period of hard fighting, players will reach the end of the block. Each block will have a powerful Racoon waiting. They are much more difficult to annihilate than the disciples. In addition to having great stamina, they also possess the ability to have great damage. Bosses also have the ability to move unpredictably and complex trajectories. You have to be very clever to defeat them and get the Golden Gears.

Talking Tom Blast Park

A vast and new world awaits you

With the designers’ great efforts, Talking Tom Blast Park builds players a whole new world. It is a huge place with different places to visit and explore. While we originally knew it as an amusement park, it is actually much larger.

Talking Tom Blast Park

The Golden Gears also play a huge role in your adventure. In fact, their true effect is the key to opening the portal to the following stages. Every win is once you move forward. Beat the more bosses, the more open the world in the game—Chase Rakoonz through fantasy lands, jungles, and the wild west, icy regions. Besides, some themes change based on the holiday season. In general, these games are targeted at different ages. Fun content with unique designs is definitely something that many players want to see. After each journey you go through will unlock new friends. The deeper you go, the more characters you have to change each time you get bored.


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