Game TERA Classic

Game TERA Classic
Publisher Kakao Games Corp.
Genre RPG
Size 3.8GB
Latest Version 1.100.8
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Update October 4, 2019 (1 year ago)

Kakao Games real there is a massive foothold in the Korean game industry. Each product that they release has created a great resonance and made players in Korea in particular and the world in general eager to wait. This year they promised to bring a product in the summer that many people will remember the feelings of the old MMORPG but put on the beauty of a new generation game. In July, TERA Classic has officially launched a portal for players to register in advance, allowing them to get all the latest information about the game quickly. The highest purpose is that they will get the game as soon as possible with the gifts that are for those who care about it first.

The Resurrection of Original Tera

Tera Online is the name that many gamers often mention about this game. It is one of the most famous RPGs on the market. Previously, this product worked on PC with a lot of fans who spent their precious time entertaining with it. Until now, when everything was able to be manipulated right on the smartphone, the game’s producer also made changes. The familiar move in this era is to turn great products on the PC into a mobile game. “Tera Classic” is the version that you will be able to play on your smartphone. With the criteria that the publisher gave is “better and completer,” it certainly won’t make fans feel disappointed. But that does not mean that all of its old features are removed, but just upgrades. The quintessence of MMORPG such as guild, open world, no-target combat, party raid modes, … They all appear cleverly so that players can experience it thoroughly on a smartphone. This means that when you play the game, you will not feel that you are experiencing the disadvantages of operating on your phone. It means that it has surpassed its previous version.

Huge and vibrant open field reflecting environmental changes

Another feature that you should be interested in “Tera Classic” is graphics. First of all, it uses the latest engine to create an environment in full 3D format, and full HD image quality. For low-range phones, you can lower the lowest setting level can still enjoy it fully. But you are using the flagship; please feel free to max settings only, what you get sure that will make the experience that you have encountered on the pc is reproduced in the palm of your hands. Its character figures are really inspired by the old game version but redone with a new look. Their skills are now enforced drastically and more clearly. You just need to touch the screen, and they immediately release the power, and it doesn’t spread too much with redundant effects. Really if you have an extra gamepad, the experience is much more relaxed.

Super World Boss Raid with Party Play

As you know, Tera PC is part of a game about the fiery struggle between the Dark Devan Empire and the Resistance Army. They are forces that can never stand in peace and talk to each other. These people only have one answer to fight until the enemy collapses. The harshness between these two forces has led to a lot of terrible fighting without end. There were many gamers wondering why there was such a terrible feud. “Tera Classic” will probably give a reasonable answer because its timeline is set to exactly 20 years before the main event of Tera PC. This will perhaps explain part of the reason that friction arises and develops to such a severe level.

At the present time, we have been able to get some essential information about its play. The essence of “Tera Classic” is still MMORPG so players will choose their characters based on different classes. First of all, you will be able to choose between the primary level, Warrior, Mage, Archer vs. Assassin. Another fundamental thing that will be applied is the influence of different ethnic groups. Often it will describe the character of the character, the source of power they receive to show off in different ways of fighting each class. Different ethnic groups have different ways to block attacks, and everything works the same way every way. The blends of fighting and role-playing always make Tera series attractive in the eyes of fans.

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