Game Texting Love Story: ChatLinx

Game Texting Love Story: ChatLinx
Publisher Webelinx Love Story Games
Genre Simulation
Size 58M
Latest Version 25.2
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update January 19, 2021 (2 months ago)

For the male, they will call dating games with anime girls “gal games”. What about women who want to go on a date with male gods and start building their own story through their characters? These are the “Otome” games, actually, between “gal” and “Otome” are no different playing styles, simply allowing one gender to interact with the other. Games in these categories often have a well-established storyline, and the story’s progress will be based on the player’s choices. If they want the relationship to work in a positive way, they need to be themselves, choose honest answers, and easily impress the other one. And the situation is the opposite if the opponent is a player that the player hates.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx (MOD, Free Shopping)

One texting story – multiple endings and various outcomes

The characters in these games are often set with a personality and style. Like the Texting Love Story: ChatLinx game that I am going to introduce to you today. It is an Otome game and one of the most popular games on the market for women today. In this game, you will experience the new adventure through the evolutions written. Choose what you want, and it is your choice that builds your own story for your character.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx (MOD, Free Shopping)


This game has very simple gameplay, almost players do not spend as much effort as any other game. Simply follow the developments of the situation and make choices to resolve the situation. The game will give different answers, and if you notice, these answers will make the story happen in the direction you choose.

And “Chat-Linx” will allow players to start a new journey in the new body and start a conquest of love with the male gods. Players can only choose a single goal and begin building strong relationships with the goal. Choose the answers based on your feelings, and at the same time the player needs to be ready for some unexpected situations. In order to make your love story more interesting and dramatic, there will be a number of extra staff members to join the story of your choice. You are free to decide on relationships with these characters, eliminate or build a new relationship, all because of your will.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx (MOD, Free Shopping)


This game will constantly update new stories with emotional topics. At the same time, there will be some stories that happen in a certain world to make the story more reasonable as time goes by. The game does not force the player to play a pre-selected character. This means they can freely create the avatar the way they want it and the story will be played out for that character. The appearance of the character will not have a great influence on the content of the story. So players can freely design characters based on their style.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx (MOD, Free Shopping)

The game will continue to have unexpected events, but that does not mean that players need to be notified in advance. To make this game more dramatic, a number of options need to be made immediately. If the player does not decide in situations like this, the story will take place in a negative direction that no one wants. If you are interested in building a love story in a virtual world, “Chat-Linx” will be the perfect choice for you.


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