Game The Cook
Publisher SayGames
Genre Casual
Size 95M
Latest Version 1.1.17
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update December 20, 2020 (3 months ago)

The Cook – 3D Cooking Game is a game that is considered very great in the genre of cooking. The motto “cooking is an art” is thoroughly applied the game will also bring the game interesting features. There are many special elements released by the publisher in the game to give the player the best cooking sensation. What do you do when you own your own food truck? When traveling around the world, and cooking right in your vehicle will be an extremely exciting and fun experience. Many passions and hobbies are integrated when players enter the world of The Cook. Download and enjoy the special cooking features of this game!

The Cook (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Good food from a truck that drives by yourself

Starting with The Cook you will get a sense of happiness when the game will give you a large food truck. And what is the first thing you think of when you have your own vehicle with full facilities? Yes, giving yourself a dream trip, going to the places we want to go will be a wonderful experience. The dream of having a happy trip with my beloved food car and cooking delicious food will be brought to The Cook – 3D Cooking Game. Going to different special places in the world, you will experience a lot of their culinary culture. Therefore, you will need to change yourself through each separate path. You will need to change your cooking methods to suit where you need to go. And please try to please all your fastidious guests from all over the world!

The Cook (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Recipes for your tour are new and delicious

Coming to the game, not only will you be going to your favorite places in the world, but you can also satisfy your passion for cooking. Besides using all the talents and applying the recipes you know, you will now discover new recipes. Going to many places in the world, and serving all customers from many places will bring you different culinary culture. And based on that, you will know the taste of people in each place will be different. So, not only will the dishes, basic recipes be applied, but you will also discover lots of new and unusual recipes. Save them into one of the most diverse cookbooks!

The Cook (MOD, Unlimited Money)

And now, the only thing you need to do will be immersed in your passion, cooking great food to serve your customers. To be able to personally enter the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes will be extremely happy moments for a chef. Try to use your variety of culinary knowledge to be able to process familiar and attractive dishes! Besides, not only are the dishes familiar to you, but you will also be cooking for the first time new dishes that you have never heard of. After discovering new recipes, the successful implementation of them will also bring extreme excitement to the chefs. The best feeling of the chef is to cook delicious food and see the satisfaction of the guests. Try to learn and prepare unique dishes with The Cook and let us know what your feelings are like.

The basic chibi-style help the game looks cute

And a special feature that was released by the publisher in The Cook is the 3D graphic design. With animated graphics, the combination of integrated 3D graphics will make the game more realistic. Especially with a cooking game, the integration of 3D graphics into the game will be necessary. With this special combination, the game will give its users the experience of their images very honestly and subtly. All dishes will be given to the player with a very honest and concrete look. Unique graphics is one of the features that players rated very positively of the game.

The Cook (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Coming to The Cook – 3D Cooking Game, players will feel great experience with a cooking game. Get a truck full of food and have a lot of experience with it like traveling around, cooking and serving a lot of people, discovering and cooking new foods strange… Quickly download and cook delicious food!