Game The Diary of the Survival

Game The Diary of the Survival
Publisher Aurora Program
Genre Survival
Size 171.65MB
Latest Version 0.2
OS Android Games

The Diary of Survival – The world of humanity in 2018 is moving toward the most horrific pollution ever. Besides, the risk of war between countries has also been around for many years. If human beings do not have any means to hinder and improve the situation, a dark future can happen. That has become one of the most significant worries of today’s people, and many of the entertainment products that have exploited this story are very successful.

We have seen a lot of high-grossing films due to the mention of war and the apocalyptic story. With the speed of human development nowadays along with increasing tension between countries, the world will come to collapse. Then man will face the complicated life in this world. They will have to fight even to kill their fellow creatures to find enough resources for themselves. The Diary of Survival is the story of the scene. In this game, the reason for the explosion of the apocalyptic world is a natural disaster. This is the result of environmental pollution.


The Diary of Survival will bring players an attractive game with a world built in the fictional style. It is a blend of ancient culture with modernity, creating a disturbing picture of the world at the end of the world. Players will have to play the role of a normal character, without any particular strength. But he must still try to survive in this world.

There are two main types of interfaces: adventuring in the world map and entering a real battle. When players adventure in this world, the map will be displayed in full 3D graphics view angle 3. The ground will be divided into square tiles, and the type of terrain will also be placed on the ground under the law of these squares. Apparently, the player will also have to move that way. In this type of interface, players will have to move a lot to find the kind of resources that will help them live.

But the world of The Diary of Survival is not accessible, but players will have to fight with a variety of monsters born during this terrible war. They may be mutated mice or cannibals. When faced with these types of monsters, you will be given a separate combat interface. It will be a 2.5D game on the horizontal screen when the player is on the left, and the enemy spills out from the right. Fight and destroy them to win the game.

There are a lot of survival items and weapons such as guns, guns, saws, scattered around the map for you to collect, craft and use. Improve the player’s stats and try to survive.


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