Publisher Invictus Studio
Genre Survival
Size 75MB
Latest Version 0.0.9a
MOD Info Free Crafting
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Update November 29, 2019 (1 year ago)

Survivor’sright on Halloween this 2018, Invictus Studio has officially launched its latest titles – THE GALAXY: Survivor. Although the title is about survival, the main genre of the game is an adventure. Invictus Studio is trying to combine two genres to create varied and exciting gameplay. With the idea of surviving in a non-Earth space, THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR is making its mark on the player through its exciting style. Just on the first day of launch, the welcoming and downloadable players have reached impressive numbers. Quickly, good feedback on the game is coming up. Showing the second step of Invictus Studio is quite powerful and bumpy.

In the vast universe, you exist in a galaxy in which you own five planets of different colors. However, they are relatively small planets, about 2km in length with each of the hollow. In a place where there is not a shadow, people will be full of danger but are stalking around. Your survival depends on your ability to survive. And your 5-star journey begins.

On the planet where you set foot, you can freely move, learn and explore anything you want, including the freedom to move from planet to planet. On each planet contains minerals, resources, public affairs, modern weapons are left behind. You must quickly gather the resources to build a place to live your own. With unforeseen hazards, you must be really careful when moving. It can be monsters with a variety of shapes, always attentive and attacking you. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness and skill requirements.

Interestingly, the characteristics of the surrounding space vary with the day and night conditions, just like the Earth. There will be times when the light is no longer visible to you. With the tools and materials available, you must quickly build a base for shelter in the weather that does not support this. Also, pay attention to the monsters that are trying to stalk you. Remember to try to collect modern weapons, because the more modern, the more helpful you are, especially the dilemmas like this.

THE GALAXY Survivor is designed stunning 3D. Combat maps are comprehensive, satisfying the exploration needs of players. The effect is exceptionally smooth, flexible; the operation is also very smooth and sharp. Invictus seems to have taken care of the details of his image, not easy to find any of the grains. Exceptional color, typical for the unusual of other planets in this strange galaxy. The console is very familiar and stable, you can see it on most of the previous survival games, adventure. Information and options are shown simple, not colorful but full. There is a plus point that although the game is beautifully designed and refined, the size of it makes you hard to believe. Show that the optimum of Invictus Studio is extremely good and professional.

THE GALAXY: Survivor is a paid game on Google Play, but you can download this game completely free (with version MOD) our links below.