Game The House of Da Vinci

Game The House of Da Vinci
Publisher Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
Genre Puzzle
Size 510M
Latest Version 1.0.6
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Update July 17, 2020 (8 months ago)

One of the most famous geniuses in the history of mankind, he is adept at many different fields and has contributed to laying the foundations for modern science. The person I’m talking about is Leonardo da Vinci, and he was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, doctor, engineer, anatomist, inventor, and natural philosopher. He is considered by many to be the most mighty genius in human history, and he has some of the most famous paintings like the Mona Lisa. He also made many famous inventions such as parachute, machine gun, a propeller plane, and many other achievements in his life. Because of his popularity, the manufacturer Blue Brain decided to release a game revolving around the mysteries of his life.

The game that I am talking about is The House of Da Vinci, this is a very famous game in the genre of Puzzle and popular by many players. This game has previously been available on PC platforms, and now it is available on mobile platforms for players to experience. When the player is coming to this game, the player seems to come to the world of puzzles, causing players to work very hard to be able to find answers and solve the mysteries.


Scientific achievements like today are produced by people, all of which are now based on things that have been for a long time. But to get those things, what have people of the past like Leonardo da Vinci experienced? When you are playing this game, the player will be transformed into a trainee of Da Vinci, who is following him to apprentice. But one day he suddenly disappeared and left all his achievements to the trainee. But suddenly, the player finds a letter from Da Vinci, and clues are hidden in the mechanical equipment created by Da Vinci. So that he decided to follow the traces left and learn about the mysterious disappearance of the genius Da Vinci.


The gameplay of the game is straightforward; players only need to use their fingers to be able to manipulate objects in the game. But that is not the main point that a Puzzle game has, the attraction of the game lies in the point where the player must think and observe everything. This is for players to think and search for clues in the game. Everything in the game is a clue to something, and if the player cannot find it, the player cannot win. Even tiny things such as a small iron model without anything noticeable, the player needs to observe everything because it may be a piece of the key. So observation is what players need to be able to complete this game because, without it, players will be tough to find clues. But players also do not need to worry because after a while playing the game, players will be able to get used to this easily and will not miss the clues anymore.



Unlike other games, this game is not a combination of many factors, but the only thing that it has is the puzzle. This is what players will experience when coming to this game. Players will experience a lot of puzzles when playing the game, but this will not make this game less attractive to players. This has become the identity of the game and has attracted a lot of players to this game. When the player seems to have found the answer for everything, everything has just begun. Players will have to go through a lot of different puzzles to be able to find the answer.

Quiet atmosphere

When players come to this game, players will experience the quiet atmosphere to be able to think everything in the game. Players will be highly focused on being able to find answers to all questions in the game. The atmosphere of the game will make players feel calm and enjoy themselves with those sentences, as well as the story of the game.


3D games are very familiar to players and seen in many games today. But combined with the world of the renaissance, players will enjoy many things of the past. The House of Da Vinci is a Puzzle game that is very good for players to experience. This is a game that is very appreciated by many players on many different platforms around the world.


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